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  • Symbol of the first wedding anniversary
  • Traditions of the first anniversary
  • Gifts for the cotton wedding
  • A few creative ideas and gifts

Beautiful tradition to arrange a holiday on the anniversary of the wedding is a relatively not so long ago - about 200 years ago, and in Russia it has taken root only in the 19th century. There is no definitive explanation for why "calico" called first wedding anniversary, but as the tradition itself was not born in Russia, the explanation for this title makes sense to look at the meaning of the word "cotton".
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Symbol of the first wedding anniversary

Cotton fabric was invented in India and began to produce it in the XI century. Ancient Sanskrit word "sitras" translates as "colorful". Dutch translation of the word «sits» mean a thin cotton fabric with a plain weave. Cotton fabric is distinguished from many other matters rich colors and variety of images.

On this basis, a cotton wedding so named because of the diverse and vivid impressions of the first year of married life, as well as the fragility, delicacy and tenderness of relationships and feelings of happy newlyweds.

By the way, the first anniversary of the wedding - this is the last day when the couple called the bride and groom.

But not all countries cotton is a symbol of the first celebration of marriage. Only the Netherlands, together with Russia give gifts to the husband and wife, and congratulations on calico date. In France, say cotton wedding in Germany - the paper, and in the United States and is considered a symbol of all the event clocks.

 the tradition of the first anniversary
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Traditions of the first anniversary

At the wedding the young calico opened one of the two stashed their wedding day with bottles of champagne and returned again as if the emotions and feelings that he had experienced a year ago. The first year of married life - it is the first test of the seriousness of the relationship, verification feelings for each other, to understand and willingness to make concessions, caring for each other and a true desire to remain close to the sorrows and joys. It is also the ability to cope with everyday life, and equally share the household duties.

The earliest tradition of celebrating certain dates wedding was born in medieval Germany. They were the first who decided to mark the wedding again after some time. If the wedding itself convened only the closest relatives, then a fortnight presents newly made husband and wife carried the friends, and now for them to lay the table. A year later, a holiday celebrated in the circle of good friends, and a few years later gathered at a table distant relatives and friends.

Following this tradition of welcoming, on a cotton wedding should call relatives and dearest friends. Hero of the occasion should not leave food on their plates, signs on, they leave them happiness. Celebrate as you can in a noisy restaurant or at home. It all depends entirely on the willingness and financial capacity of the young. If desired, the cotton wedding would be good to mention the scenario of the second day of the wedding. On this day, usually held the most ridiculous and various contests.

If the holiday will be at home, to decorate the room need to take a cotton cloth. On the table, you can spread out a tablecloth from a chintz, it is sewn from cloth, even meals are served in the form of cuts, resembling a riot of colors of the fabric.

 trip as a gift on a cotton wedding
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Gifts for the cotton wedding

Following the legend, on this day the couple should be sure to share chintz handkerchiefs. At donated to each other need to tie scarves diagonally strong knots. It symbolizes a long and happy family life. Then his wife as a true homemaker should hide these handkerchiefs in a secluded place and keep them there until a ripe old age. If done correctly, you will live a pair of very long in perfect harmony. If there is a mental attitude, you can offer a rite of her husband.

If the Russian custom of you are not interested, you can go on the American way and give her husband on a cotton wedding wristwatch. Such a gift is very appropriate in this day, because the clock - a symbol of time and generally very useful and worthy gift.

To this day the gifts were linked semantic value, choose something nice, right and beautiful. My husband can give a cotton shirt or fancy heart-shaped pillow. A good gift to be any product of colorful semi-precious stones. Great idea - teach the spouse to make them their own hands "tree of happiness".

If the wife is engaged in handicrafts, such gifts ever would be appropriate on this day. After all, this is presented as just and true feelings and expressed concern about her husband. You can sew on cotton kerchief beautiful pattern or initials of her beloved husband, tie a warm and cozy sweater to weave household macrame. It is appropriate to make the wicker pots and even special shelves for souvenirs. Those who are good at drawing on the fabric, is quite able to create artwork on plain white T-shirt.

Invited guests should give useful life gifts: tablecloths, pillows, napkins, curtains, bed linen and towels are very different. If the home is expected to supplement or already have a baby, it is very good to give a dowry to his clothes, bed sheet, bract, diapers. Gifts can be absolutely arbitrary, but there is a strict taboo - if the child in a young family there, and his wife is not expected, it is impossible to give any toys, especially soft.

 active as a gift on a cotton wedding
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A few creative ideas and gifts

The first year of married life - it's a great opportunity to create their own family traditions, especially since the year the character and habits of her husband became known. If he is a homebody, and nightclubs and noisy parties prefer quiet company of close friends, is a gift and it is necessary to choose the appropriate. You can arrange a holiday home or book a table in the cozy restaurant. Mark can only be together or invite the closest and nicest people. It would be good to find "your" music that is near and dear just the two of you, or the one at which you were dancing their wedding waltz. On a table cost to put your favorite dishes of her husband, and flowers for decoration of the room to buy the ones he gave on dates. You can see the wedding photos together or just a favorite movie. The main thing is to create the warm and cozy atmosphere.

Her husband, the romance is possible to arrange a meeting on the roof, where your guests will be a moon and stars.   But let it be a surprise, which he had until the last minute did not know. During the day, you can make some playful poems on the phone, and in the pockets of his clothes to put cute declaration of love. But in the evening he solemnly handed over personally or send to e-mail invitation to a date. With a rather grab a good bottle of wine and fruit.

If resources permit, calico wedding may be noted another honeymoon, choosing the same place where the rest a year ago, or, conversely, completely new, thereby engendered its own tradition of rest in unknown locations. You can fill this day of romance and make the "air" a gift, take a walk over the city in a balloon, that there, in the sky, say again your husband how much you love him.

But if her husband, on the contrary, active recreation and new experiences, the gift should be as bright and unexpected. For example, you can pre-book a tour to the gentle sea, but not passive lying on the beach, and for scuba diving, horse riding, riding in the jeep. You can offer climbing, or go down into the cave, or conquer the fast river kayaking.

Those who are not ready for such large expenses, or is not able to manage their time, can be considered symbolic gifts with a touch of humor and fun. Just for calico wedding suit two original bright kitchen apron. You can choose apron Superman and Cinderella. In such an outfit every cooking turns into an exciting game and is sure to lift your spirits.

In the online store you can find a different designer fashion, but you can order a portrait of her husband, done in watercolor on canvas or embroidered thread. You can also buy a small cushion, which is convenient to take along on a trip by car.

The very organization of the festival - it is a gift, whether it's a modest romantic dinner or an elegant meal with the company. Especially when his own wife will cook a whole meal or even bake his favorite cake. My husband definitely feel the warmth, love and care about themselves. And it is - priceless.

 An interesting and unusual gift to her husband on the first wedding anniversary