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Stars, stars, stars ... They were and remain a model of beauty and style for most women. We look at the glossy divas, diva let themselves Given: how good they are! That would be, and we did. Certainly, their makeup, clothes, figure, hairstyle and even hair color does not leave indifferent. That last trick Jennifer Lopez with hair color cast into an abyss of adoring female regulars discussion forums. Many among them are those who like to emulate the stellar beauty and wanting to dye hair in the same color. So what's the secret of this mysterious transformation?

About Jennifer and her hair

Oh yeah! Pretty Lopez just does not come out of all sorts of "tops." That's last year's top 7 most-celebrity hairstyles and Jennifer said. And users Runet almost unanimously recognize that the most beautiful and harmonious color of the hair belongs to her. The secret is that the ideal color to the color of her skin, and the length and give a healthy shine special style and emphasize sexy actress.

In general, frequent changes of image for Lopez in the order of things. She dyed her hair red in color and cuts short strands, then change it to black, it gives the hair a shade of cappuccino. I must say that although fans and believe the actress perfect in any way, she herself is often unhappy with the result.

In an interview, Jennifer admitted that first gray hair in her hair, she discovered when she was just twenty. And ever since Lopez permanent hair colors, updating their color and hiding gray hair. How true this interview, the best only knows the actress. But with her assertion that the ability to always look good - it is a heavy and hard work, you can not argue.

However, the style a la Jennifer has always enjoyed success: the style of dress and make-up, hairstyles and make women consciously or subconsciously copy and the style and the individual parts of the image of the actress. Especially popular in this regard Jennifer hairstyles that reflect the most current trends in hairdressing art.

This babe is good with any hairstyle. Which not only appeared as an actress in front of the audience! And with a mischievous boyish haircut and black-haired image of vamp and with slicked hair and flowing tresses, and negligent stowage, and fleece, and pigtails. She had to face any hairstyle!

 Jennifer Lopez hair color

I want hair like Lopez!

Hairstyle in the style of Jennifer Lopez - an obsession for many young (and not so young) virgins. Therefore, stylists, analyzing images of the actress, had the temerity to announce its recommendations, thereby giving beginning "lopesomanii." And if you still want her hair "like Lopez," then decide to start, for which case it will be done, and then follow the recommendations:

  1. Occasional actress casually limited to the strict manner. The usual ponytail lightly or taken back a tuft of hair from her perfectly with clothes and makeup. However, this hairstyle hair must be in perfect condition: healthy, shiny, without split ends OR NOT strands. Jennifer have this all right. And you?
  2. If you do this, the situation is not as good as the "model", it is better to collect hair in a braid and put the beautiful and elegant (our model it succeeds). How to do it? The hair must be well comb, gather in the ponytail, securing the band. Make sure that the hair was perfectly smooth, without distracting to any one strand, and not individual hairs stood on end. Then, from the bottom of the tail Take a small strand of hair, lift it up and wrap around the elastic bands (thus you zamaskiruete gum), and kill the tip locks neatly under the tail. Then braid the usual braid and secure the end of her scrunchy.
  3. For everyday hairstyles in imitation Jennifer can do a bulk packing. To do this, on the ends of her hair to put any styling products and screwed hair in curlers (large!). Moreover, the hair above the forehead need to cheat on behalf of the back of the head. Stranded hair blow dry, allow to cool and remove the curlers. Curls comb flat brush.
  4. The well-known and very popular hairstyle "Malvinka" - one of my favorite actresses hairstyles: simple but tasteful. Nevertheless, for all its apparent simplicity, this hair requires attention and a certain skill. Firstly, it opens the face. This means that the condition of the skin on the face should be perfect and flawless makeup. Secondly, a suitable hair of any length (but not too short), this hairstyle really looks elegant only lush and long hair. If you do not stop these conventions, then do "Malvinka": hair curl (curling irons, curlers) zacheshite back, collect from the temples and kill at the back. That's really true - all genius is simple!

However, if the hairstyle Jennifer is quite possible to replicate almost any lovely heads, the color of her hair (the latest version) causes serious passions. How? How she was able to achieve such a stunning effect? Blonde - not blonde-haired - not brown-haired woman, and all at once! What is the secret of this extraordinary color?

Hair color Jennifer Lopez

And there is no secret. Like this. It turns out everything is already declassified and taken on board not only the long-haired beauties, but fashionable beauty. Brondirovanie - that's the whole secret. And this secret in detail. Brondirovanie - one of the latest trends in the art of hairdressing. All the ladies tend to naturalness. Red or purple hair just fans prefer extravagant. Bring the rest of the hair color is not just natural, but one that lasts a long time, and looks expensive. And I would like to color was rich, but not bright, and the hair itself seemed thick and lush

And it came up with a miracle cure - BROND. Thanks to this coloring hair color turns most natural. How is this effect?

  • The greater the depth of BROND, the greater the difference between the shaded roots and the base color. Ideally, this two or three colors. Depth BROND creates the effect of regrown hair, which at the bottom is always a little darker.
  • Light strands in the art of California highlighting added relief and natural hair. Since natural hairs are never entirely the same color.
  • Dimming allows the roots a long time to tint them with regrowth. Darker and darker, and even real or painted - go figure it out.
  • A smooth transition of color from light to dark roots all refreshes the complexion and creates the effect of sun-bleached hair.

How does the master seek such a natural effect when painting? Bleached hair is drawn literally. When used brondirovanie dyeing machines open, that is not a barber hair wrap in foil, causing the paint strokes, the artist makes a drawing. This method of drawing simulates the reflection of the sunlight. And so the hair does not look only slightly faded, but brilliant.

The basis for brondirovanie often taken natural hair color. And then to find the right shade that highlights lighter or darker strands. If you have gray hair, their first stained native color and then brondiruyut. Brondirovanie different dyeing that are colored in different colors, not only the individual strands, and the hair over the entire length.

But, ladies, remember the miracles of modern technology. Glossy beauty certainly good. But their beauty is "polished" almighty Photoshop. But in real life they are not much better than us. So whether or not to blindly imitate them, not giving a chance to their individuality and forgetting that the best - the enemy of the good.

 Hair color Jennifer Lopez

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 jogging in the morning


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  • Where run

How to start your morning with a cup of coffee and a cigarette or a morning run? Most people do not think about how useful you run in the morning, and prefer the first version of the awakening of the body. There are those who believe that running is bad in the morning that this is an additional stress on the body, which after a night in a state of "hibernation morning": all processes are slowed down, and suddenly he will have to operate in emergency mode, mobilizing all its resources. For such people, the benefits of running in the morning is not obvious, and they would prefer to run the evening, when the body has become accustomed to waking.

Of course, no one will deny that the running and health are inextricably linked, however, as the level of the very health is not at all the same, should take the necessary precautions before you start practicing jogging in the morning: the use of it will only be the case if correctly matched load. If you feel unimportant, be sure to pass a comprehensive examination of the body, and since the conclusion of the doctor to go to the instructor - it will select for you the individual scheme of work and load capacity. Otherwise, run the benefits will result in complications, especially got you suffer from chronic diseases.

The majority of working citizens say that they did not have enough time to run in the morning, so they postpone it to a later time. A useful if running in the evenings? In general, it is the same run, only at a different time of day. Undoubtedly, it is useful, but supporters of the morning sports note that in the evening the environmental situation worse polluted air, which is not the best way affects the health. And those who are busy at work in manual labor or forced to work late, tired too hard to push yourself further and run.

However, do not think is useful if run at night to lose weight, if you are the only possible time for training. The main thing - to start. If you have many days (weeks, months) can not bring myself to get out of in the morning warm bed to run, remember that it is much easier to do it at night, when the body is still active. And after a while, when jogging has become a habit, you can go to morning classes.

On the health effects of jogging in the mornings and evenings

The best tool to get up to mischief nerves fight - it is running in the morning or in the evening. Also, start training and make a habit of jogging jogging is for those who suffer from insomnia. The effect is very simple and therefore doubly interesting: after jogging in the morning your body is mobilized and ready to work, with the result that its efficiency increases. But jogging in the evening gives you the opportunity to calm down, "burn" the resulting stress adrenaline remove accumulated over a long and difficult day of tension. You can not even think about the fact, whether the useful running in the mornings and evenings, but just like to start exercising. Great feel and impressive calmness are the best answer to the unspoken question.

Why run in the evening or in the morning is an effective remedy for stress and nerves? The thing endorphins: allocated during class, they have a state of "calm euphoria." And it is interesting that it does not necessarily run fast. You can start your journey to a healthier with jogging or even on-site - the effect will still be impressive. If you engage in intense enough endorphins to be released in 5 times more than during the sitting.

A five-fold increase in levels of the hormone in the blood gives a sense of joy and well-being, both physical and moral, suppress those emotions that can harm nerves (feelings of anger, frustration, resentment), allows you to forget about the pain and hunger. Endorphins - a source of good mood and, therefore, of mental and emotional health. Therefore, if you do not run, just standing start, or even jogging in place - most importantly, that studies were scheduled.

The fact is useful if running in the evenings and mornings, you can not even ask friends or acquaintances who have it within 15-20 years. Just look at these girls and women and chat with them, to see what effect is running. If you practice it for a few years - the house on the spot, in the gym on the treadmill, jogging track at the stadium - he will change for the better the psychological portrait, will make a person better. He is fond of them girls and women have no shortage of endorphins, stressful situations do not cause damage to their nerves, as they are just comfortable with the difficulties of life. Runners with experience friendly and nice, sociable and non-contentious.

Post workout is really worth it, especially knowing what is useful in the long term run. He gives the nervous system a rest, reducing stress on the body. If such an effect is present continuously, then at first the physical and especially mental capacity is increased, then for a long time kept at a consistently high level. Also, thanks to the active action of endorphins significantly increased creative possibilities, even at the age of 50 years. Given all this, it is simply unreasonable to be against the run in the morning or in the evening.

Also, it is worth considering what action turns on the immune system and blood circulation. The useful effect of jogging in the mornings and evenings, even light jogging or just on the ground, appears to increase the production of hemoglobin, red blood cells and white blood cells. All this increases the protective properties of the blood and resistance to various microorganisms, thereby reducing the risk of illness and injury if they are illnesses, still evident. So start running costs, and regularly all year round, even in winter.

When you are constantly busy improving blood circulation goes in hand with an increase in the reliability of cardiovascular and aerobic efficiency. Numerous studies show that the key performance indicators (eg, ECG) of women aged 40-50 years, are constantly engaged in a run in the morning or in the evening, they are on the same level as in healthy young women aged 18-25.

Start running, at least for a place or jogging, it is also because it strengthens the heart muscles (mainly - the left ventricle) and without pathological increase. This reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, the damage from which, as you know, can be overwhelming. Also in favor of running in the morning or in the evening said decrease heart rate at rest and during exercise. As a result, the loads and stressful situation, the body moves more easily.

 Useful than jogging

It will run in the morning to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight, you probably a lot of questions. Effective Whether jogging in the morning to lose weight? As a result, I will be able to achieve a slim figure? What kind of exercise program you choose? It is useful to whether to run in the morning for people with a lot overweight? When it is better to train me personally, in the morning or in the evening after all? What I can achieve much cleared, running three times a week for 20 minutes?

Answers to these questions are strictly individual. Of course, first of all you need to consult a doctor and find out whether the useful jogging in the morning for you personally, or on the contrary, such loads are contraindicated. Keep in mind that this issue can not overdo it, so as not to cause harm to the body. But in general the question of whether it would be useful to run in the mornings, you can answer in the affirmative.

It proved that even brisk walking, exercises on the spot and the more jogging helps burn more than 400 calories per hour (power consumption depends on the body weight). If start running at a frequency at least every other day for two weeks, it will be easy to get rid of 3500-4000 kcal or, in other words, more than 500-600 grams of fat tissue. And this winter! In the summer, in hot weather, the loss will be even more important and enjoyable. In how useful regular jogging in the morning, you can be sure when you burn a kilogram of fat tissue and a half weeks. Agree, for the sake of such results is to overcome laziness and start practicing!

Here are the general guidelines for those who are considering running in the morning, as a way of losing weight:

  • before jogging drink sweet tea, a glass of kefir or Eat apple Eat breakfast and one hour after lessons
  • jogging in the morning for weight loss is most effective in combination with diet
  • run after (or before) do more exercise, for example, rocking the press
  • the burning of fat begins after thirty minutes of exercise, so try to gradually increase the time

It should also be noted that the morning jogging to lose weight and gives you more "residual" strain on the muscles. Even after the completion of training, they still consume oxygen for 2-3 hours in an increased amount, thereby consumes. So fat is burned even when you are resting. And this "residual" effect, though not as active there even while jogging or walking in place. So for weight loss and health improvement is indeed feasible to start training.

Note that running provides another tangible benefit: it has a positive effect on carbohydrate metabolism, and normalizes breathing, restores the proper functioning of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, improves bone health - in other words, it helps the organs and systems, which in our reality is the worst offender. In addition, running an effective anti-aging tool. Training beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system, resulting in increased inflow of liquid to the intervertebral discs and articular cartilage. This improves dampening properties and provides good protection against the UDF age-related degenerative changes.

How to start running

If the question "useful whether to run in the morning? "You answered yes to ourselves and to you it is clear that race and health tightly bound, we can give you some tips on how easier to start and what you should pay attention:

  1. Be sure to buy shoes, it is suitable for running. Before jogging take a few minutes of general warm up the body, carefully heat the ligaments and joints. All this prevents unwanted injury.
  2. If you have a long wait to begin training, try to start the weekend, when you do not so strictly limited in time.
  3. Start slowly, in the early days, you can do just intense walking. Over time, go for a light run and step up the pace. Start with a few minutes with each class increasing the time and distance. In principle, the regular hour classes are optimal for the health.
  4. If you feel that fatigue accumulates and run a burden, do not peretruzhdaetsya - it is better to take a break for a few days and then start with renewed vigor.
  5. Invite a friend to the (other). Responsibility to the partner will not give relax and start to miss classes. And the fun run together.
  6. While jogging, you can listen to your favorite music player, which gives an extra boost of energy and vitality.
  7. Use morning run is maximal if running in places with clean air. Ideally - in the forest, but in an urban environment will suit a park or stadium.
  8. If weather conditions (rain, snow, frost), continue to interfere in the morning run, the benefits will be on the treadmill. Join a gym - the money spent will be an additional incentive.

It is very important from the first day of training to start running properly, not overworked body, but not giving him favors. So, if you do 25-30 minutes, no need to immediately squeeze out all the power and complete activity holding solely on willpower. If you run with someone in a pair, do not hesitate to take a slower pace, to start with, or jogging on the spot. Takes so that the loads were feasible and did not go to harm your body.

Of course, with the active training the muscles will get tired and you will feel it. So many girls it is difficult to determine when the intense jogging extremely tiring, but it is beneficial, and when saturated activity is already threatening to health. But you will not have this problem, because we'll show you a simple formula. Guided by her, you can tell how well you're doing.

Thus, the formula: take the number 220, just take away from him his age and multiply this number to 0, 6. This is a "lower limit" for your classes. Now again, subtract your age from 220 and multiply that number by 0, 8. This is the "upper limit" for your workouts. For example, for women aged 25 border will be 117 and 156 respectively.

These limits are - that other, as the heart rate during training. Measure it during training using heart monitor for a run. And then look at the results: if the pulse is between the outside, which means that you are doing reasonably well. If it is below the lower mark, the intensity of the run can be safely increased. If the pulse is taken as the upper limit, it means that the load are already in harm and need to slow down.

But remember that this formula only gives an approximate result: the decision to start his run, focusing only on her, would not the best and faithful. It is better to first apply to the coach, who will develop an individual program run (at a rapid pace, jogging, or even on the ground - everything depends on the condition of the body). As a result, what you have on hand will be a detailed plan of activities, and that's the thing that you can check the formula.

 jogging than useful

Where run

Of course, to start running properly, you need to carefully choose the site for their workouts. To cover do not have any special requirements, if engaged in nature, can be run on natural and artificial grass, on asphalt, on solid ground. If the room can be run both on the track simulator, or just on the floor. The main thing is that your "working" surface was smooth as possible - so safe, in fact less risk to stumble and get injured. But remember that a soft surface (eg, the same grass) less loaded joints of the feet.

Obviously, if you decide to engage in summer, then your best choice is wide. You can run on the forest, enjoying the fresh air, you can go to the nearest well-paved sports field, you can finally go to the gym. But the cold winter is better not to risk the health and legs, making his way through the snow and ice. As with the bad weather, more practical to go to the gym with its machines.

But and electric treadmill has its advantages. Taking on such a simulator, you can run several different programs, manage their intensity and constantly see their current results. Running in the winter in the gym can be as effective as the summer outdoors. So do not think about when to start training - the first run on the way to good physical shape can comfortably be done at any time of the year.

Hopefully now enjoy running for you is obvious. But remember, success comes only with regular classes, and passing through the well-made program and bringing maximum benefit, not harm. Make a plan for jogging with a trainer, pick a platform and begin to deal with. Be healthy and love running!

 Running in the morning: useful exercise

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