beautiful hairstyles for long hair


  • Haircuts on curly hair
  • Styling long wavy hair
  • Simple rules to care for curly hair

At all times, long wavy hair is an ornament of any woman, because curly hair - a real treasure. Although the styling and care of a long hair - business laborious, but they look gorgeous. To give such a nice view of the hair, you can do any haircut for long frizzy curls. However, before a haircut, you must take into account the structure of the curl. Women with elastic curls fit only certain hairstyle, and owners of wavy curls to face almost all hairstyles.

Girls who have long wavy hair, have always attracted the man's attention. And surprising in this is nothing, because these girls are associated with romantic and kind fairy-tale characters.

With a length of hair on the head, you can create a real masterpiece that will attract the attention of everyone around. Stunning hairstyle long wavy hair is easy to pay for all the trouble and effort that has gone into the creation of a hairstyle.

 haircuts to curly hair
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Haircuts on curly hair

Haircuts for long hair that curl can find not only a barber, with a special computer program - you can pick up the most hair. The most common long curls hairstyle is cutting the split ends. However, if you want a particular form of hair can be given, by resorting to various tricks. For example, to hair look more lush and luxurious tresses shorn frequent and profound steps. With this haircut curls neatly stacked separately. Curly hair, which was cut short flight of stairs or straight, you can simply unkempt, creating a fashion mess on the head by a mousse.

The tips of curls you must cut at least once every three months.

Thanks to this wavy curls will only benefit. Hair cut hair, it is advisable to use the "hot scissors" that sealed the tips of curls that will not lose moisture and curlicues start section.

Haircuts for long curly hair is recommended to choose a way that did not have to pack it for a long time.   For this we need to focus on the fact that the visual shape of the face with the hair looked perfect.


Some stylists believe that the stage is outdated, but it is on the long wavy curls it looks luxurious. Also, when a hair clipper can easily be put in braids or Greek hairstyles. Hair is not very accurate will look if the hair is the same length. Although, of course, to the curly hair strand length difference is imperceptible, but if you use "utjuzhkom" to align the curls better take care in advance of the cut-off curls.

Cascade may seem banal and boring to many, but this hairstyle looks pretty impressive. With this hairstyle can easily identify each lock, emphasizing its originality and beauty. Choosing hairstyle for wavy locks, you should not forget that it is necessary to regularly maintain the appearance of their curls.

Graded haircut

This will give a haircut curly tresses form. With this hairstyle silhouette turn soft and oval.
For such hairstyles will need:

  • straight scissors;
  • thinning scissors;
  • comb.
  1. Before you cut your hair, to wash his head and comb, given the natural growth direction of the curl.
  2. Then, at the level of the high points of ears need to do horizontal parting, who will share his head on the top and bottom. The second such parting need to spend from ear to ear across the top. Hair, which are located at the top of the occipital and frontal-parietal areas, it is necessary to twist in the flagellum and chipped clips.
  3. Start haircut need from the bottom of the neck. To do this, you must specify the line of the classic bob, that is parallel to the edge of growth curls need otchesat horizontal strand of the neck and cut it to desired length with zero sling. This strand will control. Further hair should be parallel otchesyvat middle and cut them in control strands. Make sure that the cut-off line is clear and smooth.
  4. Then, the upper occipital area to be treated on a "strand by strand." This cut should be done with a little sling. Length flourishes there may be any.
  5. Temporomandibular side strands need to trim the level of the cut neck. It is important to remember that the cut line should be done smoothly. With this haircut does not appear sharp differences in the length of the adjacent strands.
  6. Hair frontal-parietal area should be pulled back, adjusting the length of the length of the previously trimmed strands. The cut should be conducted in a straight line, perpendicular to the growth of directing scissors curls.
  7. Next, it is necessary to perform a thorough edging all over the head.
  8. Then you need thinning shears proryadit tips of curls. If the locks are very thick, tapering to do the depth of 5-6 cm.
  9. During haircuts on long curly hair defects are not always immediately visible. To see them, you have a head blow dry, and then remove all the shortcomings.

 styling wavy hair

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Styling long wavy hair

Unfortunately, not always have the opportunity and time to do curls styling salons. But do not worry, as long wavy tresses lay and can be at home. And it can be done so that the hair will stay for a long time, and look at the same time it will be spectacular. And really complicated about it there is nothing. For installation you will need:

  • hairspray mild fixation;
  • shiny hair;
  • brush;
  • flat comb;
  • studs.

Perform installation

  • It is necessary to wash the hair and carefully dry them hairdryer. They should be completely dry.
  • Then you need to make the fleece at the back and top of the head with a flat comb.
  • Use the brush should be careful to align the top of the curls so that the fleece was inside.
  • Comb the hair first you need to twist into a bundle, and then in a bun, fixing his studs.
  • The remaining hair can be arranged asymmetrically, putting it on her shoulder. Hairstyle is ready.

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Simple rules to care for curly hair

Structure curly curls rather complicated and requires the mandatory maintenance. Wavy curls curl forms in which the folds are very vulnerable. And so the wrong care can damage the hair. To avoid this, you must follow a few simple rules:

  • Long wavy hair is not necessary to wash very often, as the daily washing may harm curls. The shampoo should be used only for your type of curls. Apply it should be only on the roots of curls, and the tips will wash themselves by washing the shampoo.
  • You can not abuse the heat styling, so how can the hair retain moisture. It is best to use a hair dryer with a diffuser, which in addition will also form a resilient curls. In order to stay longer hair, styling hair dryer at the end you have to switch to the cool mode to cool down the curls. Once or twice a week is necessary to give the hair to dry yourself.
  • Also, the hair should be regularly moisturize. You can use ready-made masks for curly tresses or cook them yourself using the recipes of our grandmothers.

  • Styling curly curls do not use a brush with frequent stubble. It is better to buy a comb with a few teeth. Long curly locks often impossible to comb. In order to give them the desired shape, can use the fingers. And of course, the hair will always look stylish and well-groomed, you must choose the right haircut.
 Haircuts for owners of long wavy hair

 causes the rapid appearance of greasy hair


  • Improper care
  • The general condition of the body
  • Malnutrition

Every woman knows that it is healthy, beautifully coiffed hair are the best decoration. Wishing to have a stylish haircut, they spend a lot of time and money on beauty salons, masks, balms and shampoos. From time to time many of them are faced with an unpleasant situation, when the end of the day the hair becomes dull, lose volume, stick together. Why hair quickly become greasy? These transformations are associated with an increased separation of sebum.

In the deep layers of the skin around the hair follicles, sebaceous glands are located, and on the surface of the mouth of the head are connected to the glands subtle excretory channels. In normal operation, they are only useful as a small amount of sebum strengthens and protects hair. Sometimes, as a result of exposure to a variety of factors, may fail in glands.

Increased activity of sebum can lead not only to the greasy hair, but also cause hair loss, dandruff.

To get rid of this problem, it is necessary, first of all, to find out why your hair greasy.

There are a number of reasons, internal and external, causing increased activity of the sebaceous glands. Let us consider each of them.

 cause oily hair can serve as an unhealthy diet
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Improper care

  • First, you need to choose the right cosmetic - they must be designed specifically for oily hair. The good effect will have a shampoo and a mask with seaweed extract, nettle, oak bark, lavender, calendula, containing a complex of vitamins A, C and E. In severe cases, you should look for in pharmacies medicated shampoos.
  • Regular use of hair dryer and styling products can also lead to a deterioration of their condition. Owners of oily hair is better to dry them in a natural way, and if necessary, use only light styling products, do not weigh down the hair.
  • Frequent scratching greasy hair, a habit of constantly correcting her hair with his hands and head massage promote the spread of oil from the scalp through the hair.
  • There is a misconception that the fight with oily hair makes frequent shampooing. This is not true. Due to the very frequent use shampoo hair strongly desiccate, causing the sebaceous glands to intensify its work.
  • Do not neglect the hats in the winter and hot summer. Exposure to temperature fluctuations could negatively affect even healthy hair, not to mention the problem and oily.

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The general condition of the body

  • One of the reasons why the hair quickly become greasy, can be hereditary. The tendency to oily hair is transmitted genetically, in this case, to get rid of the problem can not be, but it is possible with the help of well-chosen care products significantly improve the condition of hair.
  • Increased secretion of the sebaceous glands can be side effects caused by taking certain medications, breaking the power of hair and scalp glands work. In this case, necessary to consult with your doctor. In any case, after the course of treatment the hair is likely to return to normal.
  • In adolescents, women, menopause and during pregnancy there are hormonal changes that can cause rapid fat content of hair, among other appearances, which will eventually pass. In the case of diseases related to the endocrine system, you need to be treated - only in this case the hair will become healthy again.
  • Transferred stress, constant tension, insomnia increases content in the body of the male hormone - androgen. His significant increase leads to an increase in the rate of sebum generating several times.

 treatment of oily hair

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  • Oily hair can be indicators of problems with the digestive tract, caused by improper or unbalanced diet or abuse diets.
  • First of all, should be minimized in the diet fatty and fried foods, sweet. It is also not recommended to consume large quantities of various meats and pickles, pastries, white bread, sausages and sausage.
  • It is necessary to try to completely give up coffee, alcohol and fast food - these products will surely activate the sebaceous glands.
  • Will benefit from eating foods containing B vitamins: fish and seafood, beef liver, eggs, meat, dairy products, legumes, whole grain bread, green vegetables.
  • Improve the state of greasy hair foods with a high content of zinc, iron and sulfur. For example, corn, wheat and cereals are an excellent source of zinc, and red meat, poultry, rabbit, oatmeal and dried fruits are high in iron. Regular consumption of peanuts, almonds, sesame seeds, cabbage, onions, greens, beans, apples and grapes help prevent sulfur deficiency in the body.

  • Very often, fascination with all sorts of diets for weight loss leads to a deterioration of the general condition of the body, including to the greasy hair. To prevent this condition, be sure to take during a limited supply of vitamins and minerals.
 Oily hair: what is the reason