how to get rid of age spots on the face


  • Why could appear spots
  • Prevention and control of the dark pigment spots on the face

Brown spots on the face - a problem that many women know firsthand. Usually, the skin is completely healthy person has a uniform color, while someone darker someone lighter - it all depends on the amount of melanin. But sometimes in women it fails, after which the substance starts to be reproduced in a larger amount because of which there are dark spots or stops being produced, leading to the appearance of white islands on the skin.

Why could appear spots

Before you begin to address this problem, be sure to determine the cause. Otherwise take place half a year, then you will once again find the pigmentation on the face, and it will be much harder to fight. Sometimes these marks on the skin indicate a more serious condition, which is easier to overcome in the early stages.

  • Stress, disease and metabolic disorders

Sometimes pigmentation appears after the girl strongly perenervnichala, chronically ill, or female genitourinary diseases. With dark spots on the face also face those who have problems with the liver, the thyroid gland. Another reason - a severe shortage of vitamin C, which often happens when a woman sit on a serious diet.

  • birth defects

If, for example, a girl was born with retinitis (birthmark) spot, get rid of it by conventional methods will be much more difficult than from that which appeared recently. In this case, help can only specialist who will prescribe a particular course of procedures.

  • Exposure to sunlight

"Use sunblock! "- Constantly remind the doctors, but quite a large number of representatives of the fair sex ignores these recommendations, thinking that such products they do not need it. In fact, cosmetic products that protect from ultraviolet radiation - it is not a waste of money, and must-have every self-respecting girl who care about their health.

When you are sunbathing under the sun's rays affect the skin cells and injure them. Subsequently, the melanocytes responsible for melanin production, start to darken. Please note that in most cases a strong pigmentation is not immediately, at first on the skin appear small, barely visible spots, which gradually grow in a particular area.

Strengthen the negative impact of UV may be cosmetic, which is composed of alcohol, perfumes, fragrances (perfumes, deodorants, ordinary cream). So if you're going to take a sun bath, wash off makeup from the face and on the beach, apply skin cream with UV protection.

  • Tablets, chemistry and cosmetics

Oral contraceptives - one of the most popular in the twenty-first century, methods of protection against unwanted pregnancy. They are increasingly preferred by the fair sex, while not wishing to have children. But, unfortunately, even a small amount of hormones contained in the pill, may have a negative effect on the skin, so that just appear dark spots.

The same can happen if you use a cheap and shoddy cosmetic products. Cream, powder, ointment should definitely be certified, and their structure - free from harmful chemical additives and ingredients that cause irritation and allergies.

  • Skin injury

What woman at least once in a life squeezed pimples on the face, hoping that thanks to this manipulation, they will be faster? These effects may be sad, from the proliferation of inflammatory focus, ending the pigmentation of the skin. This may also occur if after a similar procedure to process active portion cauterizing agent (peroxide, alcohol, etc.).

 how to get rid of age spots on the face at home

Prevention and control of the dark pigment spots on the face

Small, barely visible specks appeared in the first days of spring, when the sun beginning to warm the earth a little harder, look funny and sometimes even sexy, especially if the girl is a blonde or a redhead. In such cases, freckles rarely deliver any discomfort, so the fair sex do not even think about their removal.

But how to get rid of age spots on the face that are too dark, like blots, or too bright, causing a feeling that the lady - a serious skin disease. This can be done in specialized stores using the equipment, and at home, using traditional methods, which are still known our great-grandmothers.

The most common areas of pigmentation on the face: forehead, which the girls have to hide behind long bangs, the line above the eyebrows, hairline, cheeks and nose. Smeared a good thick layer of foundation and powder is difficult, since the foundation, which is darker than the more than two tones your skin looks ridiculous, and the usual light not hide all the flaws. After a couple of hours in the sun dark spots may occur even through the makeup as soon as it is absorbed.

Getting rid of age spots on their own

  • Cosmetical tools

If you decide to remove the hated freckles at home, after all it is worth to consult a dermatologist to rule out the possibility of adverse reactions, allergy, inflammation. Use strong bleaching agents that are sold in pharmacies, can only be under the supervision of an experienced specialist. Firstly, so you do not get burned, and secondly, it will select the correct proportion you to lighten up the skin uniformly, not covered with even more dark and a great spot from which the next time it will be much harder to get rid of.

Since such products have a potent and hazardous substances, in advance (the day before the start of the procedure), the cream should be tested on a small area of ​​the skin. If after this time will not happen no reactions (itching, redness, scarring), you can begin to apply the substance to the face.

However, remember that on a regular basis to get rid of pigmentation by such means, particularly in the home - is strictly forbidden, otherwise it can lead to intoxication. Fully contraindicated whitening products to girls in the state, nursing mum, people having problems with the skin, teeth, kidneys.

The first time after such a procedure, you have to wash the treated areas with tonic or lotion, which does not include alcohol, because water, even stripped of impurities and chlorine can cause severe irritation or infection if there still remain bacteria. You may want to use a less harmful cosmetics, which are not so toxic and hazardous to health. However, it is less effective - the result will last a maximum of two weeks.

  • Traditional methods

Getting rid of age spots in the home - is not a simple procedure, so you'll have to exercise maximum patience to achieve the first positive results. But in this case, you do not risk your health, at the same time if you constantly use one of recipes, you can forget about the freckles on his face once and for all.

One of the most well-known methods - tonic cucumber and alcohol. Take two or three small fresh cucumbers, cut them rings, place in a glass half-liter jar, then fill to two hundred milliliters of water and add three tablespoons of alcohol. Leave the mixture for a week in a dark and cool place, out of reach of children and pets. Wipe clean problem areas need to morning and evening, and then applied to the skin nourishing cream.

Brown spots are easily removed sauerkraut juice or tomato juice. Take a thin rag cloth or gauze, moisten it well and then put on the face for ten minutes or fifteen, then wash with plenty of water. If the spots are not too dark, it would be enough for one or two weeks of such procedures.

Do you want to achieve positive results quickly? Mix one tablespoon of fat cottage cheese home with a teaspoon of ammonia (approximately ten drops) and a teaspoon of peroxide. Use this mask should be every two to three days, no more, so as not to get burned.

Whiten skin can be with one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and twenty-five grams of yeast diluted in a tablespoon of milk. This means using a conventional cotton swab is applied to the skin for twenty minutes, then rinsed with water. Resorting to such a procedure is better at night or early in the morning to another two hours on the face of the sun's rays do not fall.

What products can be used for making masks

The first place of honor lemon, as it is able, even on their own and without any other additional ingredients rid of dark spots. Next on the list - cucumber, which is enough to grate or grind to a blender to make a magical mask. Also nice is struggling with this problem sour milk, juice, parsley, onions, aloe. And in last place are berries: strawberries, strawberry, currant.

Prevention: better to prevent than to fix!

So, first of all start to treat skin, choose a high-quality cosmetics, as part of which will be as many natural ingredients. In some cases, tonics, lotions, masks, you can make yourself at home, and the ingredients for them you will find at your local pharmacy or even in your fridge. Besides the cost of such products will be much lower, and efficiency - an order of magnitude higher.

Every year in winter guzzle a course of vitamin C, because at this time it is particularly acute shortage. But remember that even these incredibly tasty and healthy pills have side effects, so consult with your doctor beforehand, read the instructions, do not exceed the dosage. How much you should drink an adult - usually indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging. Also do not forget to take breaks, or later you will run into another problem - vitamin deficiencies.

Drink green tea with honey, eat as many fruits, especially citrus fruits. Lemons, oranges, tangerines, limes, grapefruit, pomelo, bergamot - it is only a small list of what is not only fully healthier your body, but also protect your face from age spots.

It copes with its tasks yoghurt, followed by a wash every day (instead you can use the serum). It is recommended that every night before bed to wipe the face of a small slice of lemon or a cotton swab soaked in lime juice and parsley. But be careful if there are scratches on the skin, acne, it is too dry, the liquid will not be in contact with areas where there is no pigment, so as not to exacerbate other existing problems.

And last but not least - use makeup that protects against ultraviolet radiation. For example, the tone Cream SPF should be 15 or higher, even if you put the foundation in the winter or in autumn, when the sun's rays are not so strongly affect the skin.

 How to get rid of age spots on the face at home

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