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  • Location dislocation - arms and back
  • Freckles on the face - Fixes an issue delicately!
  • Dangerous fight with freckles or what not to do

Small golden spots appear on the body with the arrival of the first spring sun and inconvenience many of the fair sex, who annually spend large amounts of effort and finance to fight with them. Peels, masks, grinding skin - beauty ready to experience all, just to get rid of freckles, while forgetting that the most simple and reliable methods of stain removal was invented even by our great-grandmothers.

Location dislocation - arms and back

The specific answer to the question on how to get rid of freckles fast, does not exist, because each person's body reacts differently to the impact of a substance. Someone enough to grease a couple of times hand cream with UV protection to spot did not appear, and some accounts daily prodelyvat lot of manipulation to partially disguise these defects. But there are universal beauty recipes that will allow home if you do not remove them completely, significantly reduce the number of freckles on the skin.

  • Lemon juice

That lemon has bleaching properties, nowadays know almost everything. It is added to the water to lighten your hair, they lubricate the nails to get rid of yellow, it also finds application in anti-brown spots on the hands.

So, cut the lemon into thin rings, put it on problem areas for ten minutes, then wash your hands or the back with plenty of water and apply a nourishing cream. Repeat similar procedure is recommended that no more than twice a week until the problem is solved.

  • Creams

How to get rid of freckles quickly and permanently? Use special lightening cream with a unique ingredient - hydroquinone, which effectively eliminates even large dark pigment spots. As such products are no hazardous substances, with similar means to cope with the problem is not much worse than advertised and expensive drugs. Such cream is commercially available, but it is best to buy them in drug stores or in areas where you can provide quality certificates.

It is enough to put the cream on the hands in the morning and evening for two to three weeks in order to achieve positive results. But the only thing is that some of the fair sex could be allergic, so before using the recommended study the instructions and test the vehicle on a small area of ​​the skin.

  • Sour milk and wine

What unites these two drinks? That's right, they contain alpha gidrokisloty that affect the process of exfoliation of keratinized skin. Thus, after application, for example, yogurt, cells begin to be updated quickly and the skin does not have time to get dark and covered with spots.

There are several ways to get rid of freckles quickly with the help of the two. First - cleaned several times a day during the week the hands of the fluid that is to use wine and milk as a tonic or lotion, and second - to mix with black bread or yeast to make the twenty-minute mask. If you do not wish to bother with cooking cleansers, buy ready-serum can be at the pharmacy.

 how to quickly get rid of freckles

Freckles on the face - Fixes an issue delicately!

The girls decided to remove freckles using a home-made tools must be very careful with some of their ingredients. Any impact on the delicate skin of the face can cause a lot of adverse effects, starting with the banal dryness, to serious allergic reactions (burning, irritation, inflammation, rash).

Oily or combination skin: solve two problems in one fell swoop

  • Eau de cologne

Girls belonging to this type, it is recommended once a week to use a mixture of cologne with lemon juice, as both these ingredients not only removes dark spots on the face, but also strongly dries the skin. After five to ten minutes after the treatment should wash thoroughly with water, then, if there is a sensation of dryness and tautness - apply a nourishing cream.

  • Glycerin

If several days wipe freckles small amount of pure glycerin, they disappear from your face permanently. To make it easier to carry out such a procedure, without affecting the clean skin, use cotton swabs.

Gently dry skin!

The fair sex with dry skin doubly difficult, as most of the bleaching agents hurt her even more. Of course, after the procedure of clarification in the home, you can put on the face nourishing and moisturizing cream, but this precaution is not always save. Yet if to choose the right components for masks and tonics, aggressive action on the skin can be reduced by several times.

  • Refreshing cucumber tonic

Take a small onion, chop it in a meat grinder or blender, mix the resulting slurry venture with grated on a coarse grater cucumber, pour all the glass of filtered or mineral water, preferably boiled, and leave it for twenty minutes. Recommended to wipe the face three times a day, then it is necessary to apply a small amount of fresh homemade cream to moisturize the face and enhance the effect of tonic.

If the procedure is unpleasant odor, wash with baby soap or shower gel. Do not forget that the tool itself should be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed glass container, as the mixture is quite perishable and gets a pungent smell.

  • "Fatty" mask

This mask is difficult to cook at home, but if you have the opportunity to get all the ingredients and spend half an hour to cook, be sure to make it. It not only has a bleaching effect, but also eliminates skin blemishes such as acne, pimples, etc.

So, you need to mix five hundred grams of melted on a steam bath white petrolatum, three hundred grams of pork fat and anhydrous lanolin (animal waxes), one hundred and fifty grams of zinc oxide (available at pharmacies), two grams of orange oil nadbornonatrivevoy salt (about fifty grams) . Tool can be used to get as a regular skin cream.

 how to quickly get rid of freckles at home

Dangerous fight with freckles or what not to do

How would you not want to get rid of spots on the body, do not use dubious products, even when producers promise a quick effect for one to two weeks. If it would be so strong, it would be sold only in pharmacies and only by prescription, since fast results can be obtained after a serious aggressive and corrosive substances. Such products are used by those skilled in beauty parlor and beauty salon.

Also, do not go to the solarium, sunbathe and go out without causing the body of sunscreens. Even if you have long coped with the problem, continue to use whitening cosmetics for prevention. If you are planning to go to the sea for a few days, in addition to sunblock, bring a hat with a wide brim and special gloves.

And last but not least - before any procedure, whether the mask of cucumber and lemon, home-cooked, or peeling in a specialized institution, be sure to consult your doctor to avoid any side effects.

 How to quickly get rid of freckles at home

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 tar soap for acne


  • The useful tar soap?
  • How to use tar soap
  • This shows the use of tar soap
  • Cooking soap at home
  • Tar soap: Pros and Cons

Girls with problematic and sensitive skin, of course, know how hard to find appropriate means to combat acne, acne and rashes. Foams, masks, scrubs, toners and other cosmetic products, which are filled up the shelves of most stores, at times, not only can not cope with the task, but also greatly exacerbate the problem due to the presence in the composition of harmful or hazardous substances.

If you belong to the category of people who can not stand the modern cosmetics, or if any such means you have allergy, try to look into the department of household chemicals, to get there usually expensive tar soap for acne.

On the beneficial properties of this product we knew many centuries ago, but, because of the abundance of a lot more than advertised ointments, creams, lotions, about it, unfortunately, forgotten. And after a long period of time tar used to treat inflammatory skin diseases, viral and infectious diseases. Also our grandparents tar soap to wash your hair to get rid of parasites.

The useful tar soap?

In fact in small cubes is not more than ten percent of birch tar, which is a powerful antiseptic, and the remaining ninety - are the same components that are used to make conventional soaps. But even such a small amount of this is so important and useful substances is sufficient to overcome some skin diseases.

Due birch tar after rash, acne and pimples on the skin scars not - it speeds up the regeneration of cells, thus preventing ingress of germs and bacteria inside. Of course, if you have a serious health problem, wash your face only one tar soap is not necessary, it is not a drug, but it is recommended to combine it with healing ointments and creams.

 Useful tar soap for acne

How to use tar soap

They wash, it is made masks, cream, it sometimes added to shampoos. Are there any special secret of its application and which can be a side effect after application to the skin? In fact, this small brusochek absolutely safe, if, of course, they are not abused.

  • Washing

Since tar soap is practically no different from the usual, the specific recommendations on its use is not enough, two or three times a day to wash their face and hands. It can also be used during water treatment: taking a shower, bath, etc. If you urgently respond to unpleasant odors or pronounced, in the evening, try to wash immediately after returning home, or at least three hours before bedtime to flavor had completely erode.

Tar soap for acne - it's not a cure, as has been noted earlier, so do not expect instant and immediate results after one or two treatments. It will take at least a month before the active ingredients will act and you will see positive results. At the same time use the tar soap should always, without making a week's break.

However, be careful as there is a certain category of people, who for such products over time are allergic. To make sure that you carry the normal contact with tar soap, the first two or three days do not wash their whole body, and only a small portion of lather. Some experts recommend to test such products (not only soap but also gels, foams, shampoos, etc.) on the inside of the elbow, since there is a delicate and thin skin.

Do not be scared if after washing you feel dryness, tightness and discomfort, as this is not a sign of an allergic reaction, a natural tar soap, unfortunately, has a similar effect. It is enough to put on the treated part of the body and nourishing moisturizer to get rid of such effects.

Alternatively, you can try to use ordinary soap, which was so popular in the Soviet era. Even some twenty or thirty years ago, it was used everywhere: they washed the head, the body, the dishes, wash clothes with it sealed window. Unlike normal soap in the composition does not include economic colorants, stabilizers, flavors, fragrances, and other ingredients that may cause irritation.

Natural ingredients, hypoallergenic, no sharp and unpleasant smell - it is only a small list of why you should give preference to these products. This soap - a great assistant in the fight against acne, pimples and other skin diseases, which are constantly faced with the fair sex.

Today, there are some of his main types: dark brown, light brown and white ordinary soap. In the first two cases, the color depends on the quantity contained therein fatty acids (the first category - of 75, 5, the second - 69, and the third - 64). Some manufacturers add to their products flavorings to brusochek smelled herbs, fruits, but because it reduces the effectiveness of the soap, and it begins to dry skin.

As for the white colors, it is - an ordinary advertising trick resorted to by many companies as more vivid and bright soap snapping up faster than conventional gray-brown. But because of that quality suffers because the presence of dyes can be bad for your health.

  • Masks

On a fine grater grate one or two tablespoons of tar soap, fill it with a little water and whisk until frothy. Apply it on the face for eight minutes to ten, then rinse with plenty of water and wipe the skin tonic. To achieve a positive effect, it is advisable to make the mask once a week for three months. It is not necessary to abuse such procedures, as too frequent use of tar soaps may not only lead to dryness and irritation, but also to the appearance of cracks.

Also from birch tar and the usual children's soap, you can prepare the basis for the mask, which is applied twice a week. Melt a bar on a steam bath, previously rubbed it into a grater and add the remaining ingredients. Once the mixture has cooled, roll small balls of it and leave it to dry.

When the base is completely dry up, you can make a mask: again, rub a small amount of soap prepared on a fine grater and mix until smooth with a little mulled wine (preferably white in order not to remain on the face of divorce). Please note that this facility belongs to the category of treatment, so this mask-cream should be applied only after consultation with a dermatologist. Keep it should be in a dark airtight glass vessel in a cool dry place, away from children and pets.

  • Spot-on

To reduce the redness had recently appeared pimple at night put on a small amount of tar soap. By morning, the irritation will be held, and the residue (small bump) you will be able to cover foundation or powder. Such a method should only be considered if the area of ​​inflammation is relatively small, since the entire face in this case can not smear.

This shows the use of tar soap

Since many shower gels, foams and other cosmetic products add an incredible amount of chemistry, almost every second or third of the fair sex because of this problem starts with the skin. At the beginning of the face, arms and back may be slightly scratched, then there are small rash, and then, if time does not stop to use it - severe irritation. To avoid such troubles, prefer only natural products for body care products, such as tar or soap.

Use such products is recommended not only for those who have problems with pimples and blackheads. Tar soap doctors prescribe to their patients suffering from scabies, boils, ringworm, seborrhea, and many similar skin diseases. It should be applied in the event that you have received serious burns or frostbite, badly scratched or marred. You should get into cubes, if you have animals in the house, to avoid infection after a bite or after contact with saliva (dogs and cats especially like to lick the hands and face of the owners).

Also, to prevent inflammation and ingrown hairs under the skin, tar soap is necessary to give preference to the fair sex that remove body hair with a razor, wax or epilator. Some women use it for personal hygiene, as it does not cause irritation, allergy, and thus prevents some diseases, such as thrush.

 How to make tar soap for acne

Cooking soap at home

In order not to risk their health and to be one hundred percent sure of the quality of products, it is best to make the tar soap yourself. Special skills, knowledge and some expensive equipment you do not need, and ingredients you can easily find and buy in pharmacies and stores.

So you need to buy:

  • Ordinary soap, which included no fragrances, dyes and flavorings (ideal for children or home). Do not take economic, as if it is mixed with tar and put on your skin, even a large amount of moisturizing and nourishing creams, tonics and balms will not help - the skin becomes extremely dry.
  • Birch tar, which, in extreme cases, can be ordered via the Internet.

Once you pull out all the ingredients, start cooking. First, rub the soap on a coarse grater, then melt it on a steam bath and add a tablespoon of purified or mineral water. Mix all the wooden spatula. Once the mixture will become thick and smooth consistency, add the tar pot (half to two tablespoons per hundred grams of soap).

As a result, you should get darkish sticky mass that needs to cool slightly and pour into molds. If you do it right, plastic containers may melt, if the soap is too cool down, it will have to pick out from the pan. The ideal temperature - about forty degrees. If you do not have a special vessel, you can use a soap dish, a jar of yogurt, boxes out of the cheese, the usual transparent cups, etc.

Place the molds with tar soap to a place where there is free access of fresh air, but make sure to it that they are not in direct sunlight. Also avoid extreme temperatures and excessive moisture in the product that are not bred bacteria or fungus has not appeared. Ideal - a loggia or a balcony, where the windows have curtains, blinds, Tulle.

Using tar soap homemade, you can be sure one hundred percent that there really has this feature and it is not replaced with a "flavor identical to natural." As the saying goes, if you want everything to be done well, do it yourself!

There is another pretty popular and unconventional recipe tar soap, cooking method which is identical to the previous one: all the ingredients are added as soon as the soap is melted on a steam bath. However, due to the additional components, it will be more pleasant smell and does not cause excessive skin dryness. To make it, you will need:

  • Birch tar. One hundred grams of the usual children's soap - five to ten milligrams of this ingredient.
  • Soap.
  • Mineral water.
  • Honey - half a teaspoon per brusochek. It is best to take liquid, so you do not waste time on its preparation.
  • Children cream. You can use any, even the cheapest, most importantly - that there was as little as possible of different additives.
  • Essential Oils: peach, almond, lavender, etc. For body and face less dried up, it is recommended to add several different options. In this case, use soap can all: adults, children, girl with dry, sensitive, oily, problem skin.

 nice tar soap for acne

Tar soap: Pros and Cons

Often you can hear that tar soap can not often be used for washing hands and it is strictly forbidden to wash your face. The fact that some products manufacturers add not only natural and healthy, but also harmful chemicals that are just irritating. This is done to ensure that goods can be stored for a long time in the stores and warehouses, as it should pop like household chemicals in our time is not yet acquired, and buy it at a stretch.

Another huge minus - is the soap very dry face. But the abundance of creams, lotions, balms, masks and other moisturizes, nourishes and revitalizes cosmetics will help to solve this problem in a jiffy. But the owners of oily skin this feature very useful. Note that, after each use of soap should tar wash with copious amounts of warm filtered water to remain on the foam body. Also rinse the face, you can use extracts of herbs, which moisturize the skin.

If after prolonged use tar soap acne is not passed, then, is to consult a dermatologist, as this may be a sign of a serious disease. No effect will not, if you are constantly squeeze pustules, touch the face with his hands, cheshites. Mechanical effects on the skin leads to micro traumas and fractures, and then falls into the infection and bacteria that have accumulated under the nails and as a result - herpes, rashes, acne.

 Tar soap Acne: Fact or Fiction

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