lymphatic drainage facial massage


  • Types of lymphatic drainage massage
  • How is
  • What can massage
  • Contraindications

With age, the skin on your face becomes thin and dry, wrinkles appear. And women are beginning to rush for beauty salons in search of miracle drug. ... To drink tabletochku and the problems disappeared. But, unfortunately, this does not happen .... "Beauty requires sacrifice" and in this case would have to sacrifice to bring spare time.

If you decide to self-healing, then pay attention to the lymphatic drainage facial massage - is very effective procedure. This particular massage is considered a modern invention, and it gives excellent results so that has become quite a popular procedure in many beauty salons.

Types of lymphatic drainage massage

It is generally believed that there are only two kinds of such a procedure - a hardware and hand massage. Apparatus massage can be carried out by vacuum or laser. A prerequisite for lymphatic drainage massage - use of cosmetics. Essential oils, creams and ointments are made on herbal infusions. It is widely used for such purposes, chamomile, aloe, cornflower, series and thyme. All these herbs have not only a nutritional function, but also anti-inflammatory.

If the hardware lymphatic drainage facial massage leads to tone the muscles and skin, when carrying out this procedure manually, by contrast, works as relaxing. When done properly, manual massage, the patient may even fall asleep and dream, as we know, is also considered a beneficial effect on the body.

 lymphatic drainage facial massage technique

How is

Technique of specific massage is not complicated, but without knowing all the details, you can not do the procedure - can be harmful. First of all, we need to clearly know the location of the lymphoid system - because of its direction and is held massage. During the procedure, improves lymph drainage, so the face becomes smooth and elastic skin.

The massage is done with soft, smooth movements, efforts are being made waves. Fingers and hands should move only through the vessels, and in a certain direction - from top to bottom. As for massage creams and ointments are used, the hand should be warm and cosmetic should not lay a thick layer. Ideal - apply some ointment or cream on your fingers and rub it on the palms.

Now you can begin to massage. Keep hands moved quickly and smoothly, they have to slide over the skin. This massage technique does not provide for tapping, pinching and sharp movements. It is believed that only a professional massage therapist can competently perform lymphatic drainage massage. The fact is that during this process, and involve the active points of the body. It turns out that a professional working not only on the person, but also on the whole organism.

What can massage

Lymphatic drainage massage not only tightens the muscles and skin, it can change the shape of the face. Furthermore, such massage can be done on the face and body. It has an impact on the active points and accelerates the lymph vessels. Lymphatic drainage massage is done in the following cases:

  • If you have excess weight and cellulite. Removes toxins and waste, increasing muscle tone, massage will relieve you of these problems;
  • In the presence of varicose veins in the initial stage. Lymphatic drainage massage acts on the walls of blood vessels and makes them flexible;
  • Relieves swelling in the face and headaches (unless they are associated with hypertension);
  • Immunosuppression and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. It impacts on the active points allows you to improve health.

 How to lymphatic drainage facial massage


But (as with any medical procedure) is a contraindication for lymphatic drainage massage. One should pay attention to these limitations, otherwise you can thoroughly undermine health.

  • Skin cancer;
  • Diagnose diseases of the heart;
  • Diabetes mellitus, even at the earliest stages;
  • Predisposition to internal bleeding - if the patient is weak vessels, the possibility of their tears;
  • Fever;
  • Inflammatory processes related to the lymph nodes;
  • Thrombophlebitis.

As seen from the above list, the disease is quite serious, so do not risk your health and possibly life. For example, if their actions thrombophlebitis can "move" the existing clot, vascular occlusion occurs - is an inevitable death. And at high temperatures can damage limfososudy. Problems with internal bleeding and inflammatory processes will not bring a good mood.

Remember to go to the lymph drainage massage is possible only after consultation with your doctor. It is necessary to exclude contraindications, even if the procedure you are going to spend just for the face. And if there are no contraindications, feel free to go for a massage. You do not just feel rejuvenated, but also "light", the beautiful and charming. Disappear swelling and chin, smoothed facial wrinkles - is this not important for any ladies?

 How does the lymphatic drainage facial massage?

 Best epilator


  • Choosing the appliance: what you should know about these devices
  • Options: you can handy

Today the market of household equipment is so many different models of epilators that sometimes at women dazzled. With nozzles and without running the battery or network-colored and intricately patterned, with rubberized grip or completely plastic - which one is better, to determine not versed in the art novice is difficult.

Often the girls sellers hear the same question - what is the difference between the unit for one thousand and four thousand rubles, if they have one purpose - to remove body hair. In fact, there are differences, and quite large, and they are not only picking and coloring the epilator, but also in its functionality.

 Best epilator

Choosing the appliance: what you should know about these devices

Types epilators from the old to the cutting edge

There are three main types of such devices, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. If you face the question of which of epilators is better to choose, in this case, it depends not only on financial opportunities, but also on the destination, frequency of use, etc. It makes no sense to buy an incredibly expensive and multifunctional device, if you are terribly afraid Bole, as in this case, you are unlikely to be able to use it often. To overcome fear, unfortunately, it is possible not every impressionable girl.

  • Spring epilators

Once upon a time, when manufacturers have only begun to develop similar devices to remove hair on the body, the light appeared the first spring epilators. As soon as they went on sale, the fair sex appeared mixed feelings: on the one hand after epilation vegetation long they are not worried, but on the other - such a procedure could be compared to medieval torture. The principle of operation of the device is quite simple - bars hairs pulled out with the help of springs or spiral, which is a little bent during rotation.

At the moment, in spite of the improvements and innovations, not this kind of epilators is very popular, so you'll find them quite difficult. In this case, the undisputed plus is relatively low cost, which is just and thrifty tempted girls. However, it should be noted that the spiral spring and, if you regularly use the device, wear out very quickly.

  • Disc epilators

They fortunately many women appeared shortly after the spring epilators and immediately gained popularity among the fair sex. And it's not just high-quality advertising and low pricing, but also in greater efficiency. So, after the procedure, on the legs is much less missed hairs. Rotating discs time to capture all the vegetation, rather than individual sites.

  • Pincer epilators

The principle of pincer and disc epilators not much different, but a lot of girls give preference to this option, as it is believed that it is the least painful removes the vegetation on the body. Another plus is that due to metal plates that gently "pulled" rather than break rods, the number of ingrown hairs is reduced by several times.

Number of speeds: porridge butter will not spoil

When choosing a good epilator that you really want to always use and do not just buy it to play and put on a shelf, an important role is played by the amount of velocity (or rather tweaks made by this unit per second). Naturally, the more - the better, but high in this case will affect not only the performance but also the cost. Today is available as a two or four-epilator.

  • The first speed for delicate zones

On the lowest speed is good to remove weak, short, thin hair, which rod may break if the handle portion is faster and more intense. This vegetation is pulled out by the root, so that the positive effect lasts much longer than if you had just shaved legs.

  • The second, third and fourth speed

For a long time in the commercially available devices with only two speeds, the second was designed to work with rough, hard, long hair. Why then need faster machines? The fact that the higher active component in the device, the faster and less painful procedure goes away, so the best epilator - a four.

How and where to remove vegetation

Normal epilator is designed to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the body, in this case, as mentioned above, it removes hair by the root. On average, after the procedure, the skin remains smooth and clean for one to two weeks, then begin to appear spiky black dots, from which did not immediately get rid of. It will take about five to eight days, before you can proceed to hair removal, and to have to endure this and hide the legs with the help of trousers, long skirts and nylon stockings.

Another shortcoming epilator - a painful procedure. Despite the presence of additional nozzles, cooling compresses and advice on receiving a small amount of alcohol before epilation, making it always hurt. However, over time, if you do not have recourse to this device from time to time, your skin gets used to this effect and you will be much easier to carry hair removal.

Many of the ladies scare backfire: redness, irritation, ingrown hairs. To avoid all this, you can, if properly prepare for the procedure. So, for example, prior to epilation recommended by a conventional peeling scrub the skin to steam hot compresses of herbs, and after - to apply special creams, which are not a part of alcohol and other similar corrosive components.

A good alternative in this case may be an ordinary lady shaver. But for those who prefer a similar option, you have to shave your legs two to three times a week, as the blades cut off the vegetation, unfortunately, grows much faster.

In the bikini area, face and armpits are the most delicate, delicate and sensitive skin, which is very easy to injure if vegetation is removed using a simple epilator. In these parts of the body it is recommended to use small Trimmers - they gently pull the hair, without causing pain or irritation. There was a similar equipment is relatively recent, but has already managed to please many of the fair sex who are afraid to even pull out his eyebrows.

 best epilators

Options: you can handy

According to the majority of the fair sex, the nicest epilator - it is one that perfectly removes vegetation, does not cause pain, long runs, and has a huge number of different additional attachments, which they, in fact, will use up to the first six months. But some of the parts are still very useful, so they should pay attention.

  • Nozzle-massager

It is believed that after you have processed foot or hand massager, do hair removal will be much easier and less painful. Function is certainly necessary, but consider whether you will use every time the nozzle? However, girls who are madly afraid of pain, yet should think about buying an epilator with massage head.

  • Beard shaving

Multifunctional modern device that can be used for hair removal on the legs and vegetation shaving bikini area, you definitely will like. Just imagine, no longer have to take with you on vacation disposable razors, depilatory creams, tormented with wax, etc., it is enough to grab the small and compact the appliance that can be used at any time.

  • Nozzle "for beginners"

Remove hair underarms and bikini with a conventional epilator - a mockery of themselves, even if you do it at the lowest speed. For these areas of the body must use special nozzles, which built fewer tweezers. The only negative - you have to spend twenty minutes longer than usual.

  • Nozzle for peeling

If you constantly face the problem of ingrown hair and do not know how to deal with it, get the appliance with a nozzle for peeling. It is usually used on the day before the procedure to remove the keratinized skin, which are precisely the reason that the rod can not be bent inwardly and bark.

  • Spot hair removal

If the hair removal on the body are islands with hairs, do not rush to grab for a razor and re-traumatize the skin, better use this tip. However, in fairness, it should be noted that it is possible to easily replace the conventional forceps, which is not worse to cope with the task. In addition, you do not have to spend time to get out of the appliance package, change the head, and at the end of the procedure - to clean the device.

  • Limiter

If you are a bright and extraordinary personality and also a fan of intimate haircuts, this tip is useful to you exactly. Enough little practice, and you do not have to spend time and money on trips to the salon, you can now make your favorite hair in the bikini area on their own.

  • Bits for eyebrows

There are also special tools that can help you trim your eyebrows and model. Now you do not have half an hour to sit in front of a mirror with a pair of tweezers and pluck each individual hairs, the appliance quickly and will do everything for you.

  • The cooling glove or cap

According to the manufacturer, if the front of epilation make cold compress, the nerve endings are frozen and you will not be hurt. Glove is a small bag with the liquid (gel), which is placed before the procedure in the freezer. As for the nozzle, then it one hour before, poured filtered water, after which it is sent to the refrigerator, and only for two or three minutes before it is put on an epilation apparatus.

  • Case for storage and transportation

A small box in which to place all the components, very convenient to take along on a trip, otherwise you'll have to seek out the necessary attachments across the bag. If the unit was sold without case, buy it separately, as these appliances keep on the shelf along with other cosmetics are not hygienic.

  • Brushes for cleaning

If you do not constantly look after the epilator, clean it on the cages is already half a year later, he clogged and fail. If the device is not afraid of the impact of water, you can wash out the shaving head under the tap.

For the usual low-cost models should be used simple brush.

 The best epilator for the delicate and sensitive skin

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