Gel Manicure


  • The technology of applying nail polish
  • Advantages of nail gel-based

The beauty salon offers do not nail and gel manicure. What it is? Why would it do, and how it differs from other technologies? There are many questions, and it is necessary to understand all the nuances. Gel manicure - this is the application of a special structure on your own nails. This technology does not involve lengthening nail, but it will bring a lot to their appearance.

  • Firstly, you are guaranteed a perfect view of your own nails;
  • Second, if your nails do not grow, exfoliate and break down, the bio-gel will protect them from the effects of the environment;
  • Thirdly, we can do very different manicure, applied not only to multi-colored nail polish, and even drawings.

Biogel handled the entire surface of the nail plate, it should be pre-processed according to the rules. In general, the technology is not complicated, under certain skills you can own and carry out the procedure. It will be enough to acquire the necessary tools and material. And having learned for yourself, and you can her friends and relatives to provide such a service. Incidentally, the gel manicure - this is quite a profitable business. So, perhaps, your desire to own beauty over time, turn into a hobby, and then to work.

 gel manicure technology

The technology of applying nail polish

In order to make things right, and as a result get a neat and flawless nails, just stick to simple rules. So, how to apply the gel on your nails? First, make a classic manicure. The technology is familiar to everyone, but remember:

  • Cuticle cut using scissors can not be;
  • For full better form fingers round nail for long and "music" - a square or acute;
  • Be sure to degrease the nail plate.

Now all plates were coated Biogel. Strides careful not to intercede on the skin and not touching the cuticle. We reserve free the tip of the nail - not less than two millimeters.

Free tip cover silk. You can use faberglas, and then there is a little possibility to extend the claw. Just half a millimeter to help create the perfect shape. Just do first strokes in the middle of the nail, then the sides, as if gently lifting up.

After the application of bio-gel, you will need an ultraviolet lamp. The fact that the technology provides for the application of light rays to fix the substrate. You just have to dry nails under the lamp. Now you can improvise. If you want to make artwork nogtiki, draw the desired pattern, and cover it with a thin layer of gel. You can make french manicure - the technology is the same as in the classic version. Only after each gel application do not forget to dry it was under an ultraviolet lamp.

 Beautiful gel manicure

Advantages of nail gel-based

What good gel manicure? You can dream and change the images almost every day! In addition, if you do just a regular nail (as if he were a natural), it is absolutely fearless varnish can be applied in different colors, making even the water and newspaper manicure. A nail will grow, not break, but only strengthened.

In order not to be seen regrown nail (it looks very ugly especially in the cuticle), it is necessary once a week to make a correction. If you're tired of the gel manicure, and you decide to change it, the cover simply removed with a special compound.

In the gel does not include toxic materials, it is not evaporated and does not cause allergy. But technology allows you to enhance the application of nail polish nail plate, cuticle and restrain the growth of flawless look. Woman's hands are always in sight, they pay attention, they admire and kiss. And if the lady likes to wear rings, bracelets, then her nails should always look great! And everyone wants to be strong and powerful, neat nails.

There is no possibility to grow by so much beauty? Use the gel manicure, and will be surprised how much better as become your own nails. Take the admiration of others, wear rings and bracelets, wear the brightest ornaments - now your pens deserve the attention!

 Gel manicure - always neat and tidy nails!

 modeling facial massage


  • Technique of
  • The benefits and contraindications

There are many techniques to help you get rid of premature wrinkles, puffiness and sagging skin on the face. You can use a variety of masks, scrubs and creams, but you can chose the massage. One of the most popular treatments to restore youthful facial modeling found. It is very effective - a person acquires a natural blush, the skin is tightened, swelling disappear, leaving the second chin.

To prevent the appearance of wrinkles, it is best to begin to use the procedure as early as possible, even at the first signs of aging. After modeling massage the skin and muscles are toned, the blood circulation to normal, and the self-cleaning function of the skin are much more effective.

Technique of

Important note: Never make yourself a massage without training! All the equipment is the most profound impact on the muscles of the face, neck and décolleté. This means that we should ideally have knowledge of anatomy. Wrong move can damage blood vessels, leading to internal bleeding. In this working through deep layers of improving the process of metabolism, toxins, and as a result, the skin will get a nice color, they withdraw edema.

During the modeling massage carried out and the impact on vessels that held the movement of blood and lymph. Here it is necessary to work carefully, observing safety precautions. The face is full of blood vessels, such as capillaries, and if the damage to their integrity, then you do not pass the bruises. This is the easiest damage that can happen.

 modeling nice facial massage

The benefits and contraindications

Modeling procedure can not be performed in the presence of certain problems, however, this fact applies to any massage. In principle, the list of common cancer of the skin, pustular lesions or open sores, increased sensitivity of the skin, diabetes, predisposition to internal bleeding.

But the benefits from this procedure a lot more than the disadvantages:

  • First, you can create the right hands oval face - almost "blind" him;
  • Second, after 10 sessions of "crow's feet" diverge, and wrinkles around the mouth are practically invisible;
  • Thirdly, restoring blood flow and accelerate metabolism, modeling massage helps to improve skin elasticity and restore the natural color.

It is believed that the modeling process should take a course of massage. For example, 10-12 consecutive days. Then you have to stop for a week, and again repeat the course. After double course you can (and should) take a break for a period of six months. Over the 20-24 session so you look younger, that in the future will need just to maintain the appearance - enough 2-3 sessions per month.

Note that modeling massage pretty painful procedure. Worked so deep layers that occur involuntarily irritated nerve endings. No one person will not do once powerful movement, above all, it will warm your skin. However, choose the procedure so as to be able to spend the extra half hour in the room. Instant access to the street can cause a cold.

If you are all right with health, be sure to visit a massage parlor and sign up for sessions of modeling massage. It's an unbeatable feeling - a person younger eyes, leaving wrinkles and double chin. And the skin on the neck and upper chest and asks to show - velvety, smooth, flawless!

 Modeling facial massage - beauty and youthfulness of the skin will be back in a few days!

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