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Fitness classes are good for health, for the figure, and even morale. It is much nicer to see myself in the mirror with a taut figure, flat tummy and accurate forms of the arms and legs. And try a woman run and go to the gym, morning exercises carried out - all the forces thrown out to look like a king. And few people think about what you need, not only in sports, you must also adjust your diet.

It must be remembered that the fitness - a kind of shock to the body. And yet - is the use of energy to the maximum, so can only make up for the costs proper nutrition. Moreover, you can not sit on a strict diet - it is fraught with metabolic disorders, and the deterioration of health. But to choose a balanced diet, taking into account the schedule of work and exercise, is essential.


If you do not have intense strength training and just figure it's time to bring in the order, then I do not have anything particularly necessary. Here the main program you will be just fitness. But this is only the case if your goal is simply to maintain itself in the form. However, there are some foods that you need to be sure to include in your diet. Especially when the sport became a part of your life:

  • Amino acids - are found in meat and fish, so never give up on such products;
  • Vitamins and minerals - we all know that it is, above all, fruits and vegetables;
  • Carbohydrates;
  • Liquid - much to drink is not forbidden, but it is not necessary to replace the water and juices with milk or coffee with condensed milk.

Need to talk about carbohydrates separately if a serious fitness or sport still come into your life for a long time. Many people associate carbohydrates with scones and cakes and much mistaken! After all, sports - is the cost of energy, and they are replenished only carbohydrates. Just need to know the "right" foods:

  • Cupcakes of bitches, meal;
  • Oat cookies;
  • Moussa fruit;
  • Kissel, including milk;
  • Any dried fruit.

There are special products labeled "fitness" - they are designed to meet the energy needs of the body and are designed for people who do sports.

 proper nutrition and sports

Sample menu at employment by fitness

Exclude necessary white bread and buns "with the heat from the heat." Forget about chocolates and pastries, resist the cakes and butter. But do not overdo it - for example, dark chocolate can be eaten without fear for their figure. To be more specific, when playing sports (especially if you prefer to fitness) must adhere to the following menu:

  • Breakfast: tea or coffee with sugar, oatmeal porridge with milk or oatmeal, a couple of cookies, cereal or porridge in a series of "fitness";
  • Lunch: vegetable soup with chicken broth, fresh vegetable salad, boiled beef, fruit;
  • Afternoon snack: yogurt or tea and oatmeal cookies, fruit;
  • Dinner: cottage cheese casserole or just cheese with milk, tea, coffee maybe with a cupcake from wheat flour.

This is an example of a day, but it does not mean that the concept of "proper nutrition" is in this example. When morning classes take a little bite to eat in front of them. Only just a little - for example, to eat a piece of bread or a bagel, or a piece of boiled meat. This also applies to morning runs - on an empty stomach should not be carried out, and even fitness and sport in general, will be a real torture.

If you intend to go in for sports in the evening and had not had time to eat lunch, then it is necessary to something to eat. The fact that such extreme workout on an empty stomach can turn quite serious health problems. A sport, after all, is designed to give health and not to select him.

When gym necessarily sit on a rigid diet - just make yourself right schedule and eat four times a day. But note that if you have a "favorites" is a serious sport, the power is distributed to 6-7 times a day. If you are after 19-00 there is an acute sense of hunger, you can eat an apple or drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Do not forget that in class you should be in a good mood - this, too, depends on the result. But on an empty stomach to do fitness will definitely be harmful - and for the morale and the physical. And especially if the exercises are reduced to weight training - sports with dumbbells and barbells require additional power body.

Heavy exercise

People who are seriously involved in sports (fitness and, in principle, considered to be a light load) should be more attentive to food. Typically, heavy and weight training several times a week, not every day. Remember - in sports should be taken as little as possible products that are poorly digested. These include beans, peas, bacon, cabbage. The fact that these products are "lay down" a dead weight in the stomach, and when you're in the classroom is quite possible the emergence of belching, nausea and vomiting. And if you do not follow the rules of supply, the result would be a violation of the gastrointestinal tract.

But after school (sports still greatly depletes the body), you need to eat well and tight. Here will be useful vysokouglevodistye products: meat, pasta, potatoes, oats, grapes. These products will raise blood sugar more slowly to give your energy. Understand fitness and sport - it's not a sentence and not a reason to deny yourself everything.

 the right food at employment by fitness

Some general rules of supply

  • Three hours before the sport need to eat;
  • Be sure to bring your workout water - Fitness and Sports "pull" all the juice from the body;
  • When fitness stick to the following procedure: less is more. This means that - even if you do fewer exercises but they will be of good quality. And just when the occupation will understand how much and what kind of movement should be carried out more or less often.

By the way, two hours after power training should definitely eat, and the food in this time period should be hearty and rich. For example, eat a piece of meat, wash down all this glass of sour cream and eat a couple bananas. This food will be for a long time to be digested slowly saturate the body with energy - is required. Just the fact that you "took" sports will be restored.

What foods are good

Anyone who is engaged in fitness sport and believes habitual way of life need to clearly understand what products and when to eat.

Firstly, it is necessary to eat foods that are able to quickly digest and give up their energy: raisins, honey, rice, corn, chocolate, bread and sweet biscuits. These products need to be fed to the gym. So the energy and calories derived from them very quickly disappear.

Secondly, it is necessary to identify those products that are of no use to the gym, but after two hours of training will be very helpful. These include: pasta, grapes, potatoes, oranges, oatmeal or oatmeal cookies. No wonder that in the fitness clubs and fitness rooms are sure to bars where the most popular product - the orange and grape juice. The fact that the gym is a big loss of glucose in the body. It is these fruits can instantly raise its level to the desired target.

Third, there are products that are beginning to break down and digest (and hence give their energy) is significantly slower. Why do these products need? It's very simple - because fitness does not imply a relaxing stay after class. After all, surely will or lunch, or dinner. And here need such products: yogurt, milk, sour cream and cottage cheese, grapefruit, plums, ice cream.

In principle, nothing difficult to understand how the power would be no. The main thing is to pay attention to all recommendations. It is also important to learn one truth: Fitness and Sports is not heavy duty. It is not necessary to limit yourself strictly around and starve the body. Neither dietician will tell you what to sit on the fasting days and eat only salads and vegetables. Unable Fitness and Sports to combine with starvation. With this approach, you can not just wait for irreversible processes in the body, but also quite a serious illness.

 Proper nutrition in sporting activities will help to achieve good results