Asahi facial massage


  • Features massage
  • How to massage
  • Contraindications

Any facial massage works perfectly - the skin is tightened, it is velvety and silky smooth, fade wrinkles and even color changes. That is why beauty salons and massage therapists offer different options for care of the face - peels and masks, leather processing different Vibro holding hardware procedures. Most popular in the recently acquired Asahi massage - this type of procedure came from faraway Japan.

Due to the famous Japanese stylist Yukuko Tanaka, this type of massage, and came to us. She published a book, which immediately became a bestseller worldwide. Results after the course of massage Asahi simply amazing - they are visible just after 3-4 treatments. The very stylist advertises this ancient beauty secret, surprised everyone with his appearance. She is already 62 years old, she looks like a woman of thirty, and most importantly - does not hide his secrets. We hope that the Japanese massage will help our women always look young and shine with health and vigor, regardless of their age.

Features massage

As with any procedure, have a massage Asahi has its own peculiarities. Since the technique of came from the East, then the manipulation would seem to us, at least, strange. Not to be afraid of movements and not be tormented with doubts about the correctness, you should know some of the nuances:

  • Movement masseur performed just two fingers;
  • All the movements are very deep, carried out with the application is quite a lot of effort;
  • Too sharp claps, slaps and tingling, especially in the second jaw;
  • During the procedure, the patient sits or stands absolutely right - it is necessary to keep the correct posture;
  • The strength of the massage Asahi borders on pain threshold.

Japanese massage is based on several principles. Firstly, if not exert a strong effect on the muscles and tissues, no change will not - must actively working muscle. Secondly, the procedure is associated with pain, so have patience. It is noticed that the pain a patient experiences only in the first two sessions. Thirdly, this type of massage is also called the sculpture - it turns out that their own hands "sculpt" his facial contours.

 Asahi Japanese facial massage

How to massage

Many people use this wonderful massage to transform and look 7-10 years younger. Really all they earn so much that can afford to attend the expensive masseurs? It turns out that Asahi massage can be carried out by yourself! The main thing to remember exact movement:

  • Smoothes the forehead, slightly stretching the skin;
  • Practiced eye area, first make a circular motion from the outer to the inner corner of the eye. Always working on the area and under the eyebrows;
  • Then, pressing his fingers quite badly conducting line under the lower eyelid and along the contour of the face (cheekbones grabbing) down to the neck;
  • Treat the chin and around the mouth. Do not forget to walk along the nasolabial folds - the most problematic place in women face;
  • From chin conduct thumbs up to the lower eyelids. Here we have to be very careful. First to press to such an extent that you can feel the warmth beams fingers. Then, when the fingers are close to the lower eyelids weaken his grip on the lower eyelids and fingers go to the cheeks. The last movement should look as if you stretch the cheeks;
  • Now we have to zigzag movements to get around the entire face, except for the area of ​​the lower eyelid. Do not forget to grab and forehead;
  • The same zigzags treat temporal area and grab the ear. Do not forget that a massage does not allow Asahi conducting zigzag movements separately. That is, if you start to do it on your face, make sure you finish the temples and the ears;
  • Then there is a welcome facelift - powerful movements smoothes the cheeks, forehead, cheeks, the area around the eyes and mouth;
  • Form a double chin. More precisely, we do not form, and get rid of sagging skin and fat;
  • Simple smoothing facial broad strides - forehead, around the eyes and mouth, cheekbones and cheeks, chin. Finish the movement of lymph nodes near the ear.

Of course, the first time after reading these points, ignorant people do not understand. It is advisable to visit a massage therapist and see how Asahi Japanese massage is done correctly. Start experimenting on themselves without knowledge is not necessary - you can seriously damage health. After all, this procedure affects the circulatory system, to lymph drainage. Without proper knowledge, you can injure blood vessels, resulting in bruises and red veins on the face.

There are some generally accepted rules for massage Asahi:

  • First, the massage should be performed only on clean skin using cream, massage oil or cosmetic milk;
  • Secondly, there trituration with strong pressure;
  • Thirdly, the pressure force must be such as to sense the patient were on the verge of relaxation and pain.

In addition, remember that all movements are performed facial massage with two fingers. Only in the forehead, you can connect the third, for comfortable grip surface. Nails masseur should be cut short, frequent injuries to the face of sharp nails, rings and bracelets.

Many women are skeptical - and whether the Japanese massage the person has such a magical effect? According to research data, almost all women have ever used this procedure to a person happy. Well, then, even conventional medicine recognizes that a facial massage on Japanese technology provide a truly magical effect. Agree to the opinion of well-known scientists should listen.

 facial massage Asahi


Whatever good facial massage from Japan was not necessary to understand that this is quite a serious impact on the body. Naturally, for there are contraindications. It should be acquainted with them, not to hurt herself. Relying on experience and knowledge can not be therapists. In private offices you make any type of massage, which ask! Unless your doctor the cosmetician has appointed a course of massage, you can safely go to the procedure. So, actually, contraindications:

  • ENT disease. Moreover, any - laryngitis, tracheitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis. Even banal rhinitis (runny nose) is a contraindication;
  • Skin diseases. Especially if there are manifestations in the face. Pay special attention to the presence of small warts and warts - they can be torn, hurt, and it will lead to purulent infection;
  • Disorders of the cardiovascular system. Facial massage in Japanese has a shocking effect on blood vessels. Be careful, there may come a break capillaries, increasing the pressure;
  • Acute infectious diseases;
  • Problems with lymph nodes and lymphatic drainage system.

In addition, you should avoid facial treatments during menstruation. If you have colds, fever, or an incomprehensible weakness - also a massage should not be done.

In general, all activities related to health, should be undertaken only after consultation with your doctor. This law must be respected at all times! It just seems that the smoothing and grindings can not bring any harm. And in fact, in the human body, everything is interconnected. For example, when facial massage improves blood circulation, as a consequence may increase the pressure. If a healthy person will benefit, for the hypertensive patient - could trigger a hypertensive crisis.

Of course, for a need to monitor. And in the fight for the beauty of all good. Nobody forbids trying to imagine a variety of techniques. But keep in mind that everything should be done properly and correctly. Only with this approach can ensure the safety of any procedures. And then you will shine for its impeccable beauty, attract the attention of others and hit his young appearance.

And of compliments and I am ashamed at all times. But it's great! Remember - you deserve the best, and even better! Watch out for your health, clearly follow the recommendations, and then even such a serious procedure, massage Asahi, will only bring joy.

 Asahi Massage for the face - the second youth of your skin

 manicure with foil


  • What do you need?
  • The technology of applying foil
  • Abstract manicure

Velvet groomed handles - the dream of any girl and decoration. Trim nails with a manicure attract admiring male glances and envious women. There are many ways to decorate nails - sand, crystals, special stickers, but just looks luxurious manicure with foil. Glamorous glitter fingertips mesmerizing and associated precious metals - gold, silver, platinum.

In conjunction with this evening dress accessories manicure will look amazing. And if you have an open sandals with stiletto style metallic, their straps perfectly emphasize the elegance of the feet with such unusual nails. Remember, causing the foil to the nails, you become the object of attention of others, so your whole appearance to be impeccably stylish and refined.

What do you need?

Manicure foil can be done by yourself, it is not something difficult or impossible. To do this you will need the following tools and supplies:

  • Foil;
  • Sharpened nail clippers;
  • Tweezers or tongs;
  • Glue stick;
  • Clearcoat-base, he's a fixer;
  • Lucky all the necessary colors;
  • Cotton Buds.

Of course, for the first time should be reserved, inter alia, to demonstrate patience and a certain amount of exposure. The absence of these characteristics may affect the final result. Casually superimposed foil wrinkles and the audience looks unpresentable and has the right to life.

In the case of an unsuccessful fixing piece, it must be removed and repeat the process from the beginning. By the way, removing the foil a fairly simple procedure, no different from the usual: you just need to nail polish remover and a cotton swab.

 how to do a manicure with foil

The technology of applying foil

Just let alone the idea to use a manicure foil food stored in your kitchen cupboard. This option has no future. Cosmetic foil sold in specialized stores, it is much thinner and has an extensive range of colors and textures. In addition, it may be a sheet, roll or strip. There is also a thermo-foil for sticking hair dryer which you need - under the influence of heat the material becomes elastic and easily applied to the nail.

To determine in advance with the appearance of the foil that you need: a holographic, translated with a protective film, with an engraving or embossing. Methods for coating foil can be different. The easiest way to cover foil layer entire nail plate, and only a portion, e.g., diagonally to the line or smiles.

You can cut out various figures such as stars, fish, birds and make separate applications for each nail. Good at patterns of foil, cut into strips of varying width. Here offer unlimited scope for the realization of your fantasies: the mesh can be, well, a fence, a Christmas tree and all that you want.

Before the procedure itself, treat cuticles, pushing, or cut it. Give your nails a desired shape using a nail file, wipe them with a degreasing compound. Foil can be glued on the base or on the nail itself (both natural and artificial) with colorless lacquer or a special adhesive.

On the basis of slightly dried foil gently apply the desired shape or size, lift it with the help of tweezers, forceps or a lightly moistened cotton swab. Hands better for her not to touch, to inadvertently damage the delicate petals.

If the base - this is the usual color varnish, it is better to dry completely, and only then proceed to spray the foil. Try to limit the clear and single movement to foil stuck as straight as possible, creating a perfectly smooth coating to the nail. Dry swab gently smooth the shiny surface.

To make manicure strength is applied on top of a fixer, but it will have to lose some share of shine. If you do not want to put up with this loss - you can leave it as is, that is, to do without fixative. For this case, enough to get the foil with a protective film that provides the radiance of the nail and the stability of its coatings.

 Manicure how to do it with foil

Abstract manicure

There is no limit to human imagination, so there is another way manicure with foil, which are not in its bonding, but rather in its peeling off from the nail. On greased with glue nail plate is applied foil, holding a stick for bonding only in some places. After the glue has dried, the excess foil should be removed with tweezers. As a result, on the surface of the imprint will remain interesting and unique abstract design.

Foil easily and harmoniously combined with almost all elements of Neil art. Experiment with rhinestones, sequins and different colors. Do not be afraid to be creative, because the only way to reach the heights of perfection.

 Manicure with foil - a fashionable solution for the publication!