how to make the skin smooth


  • Several Commandments beautiful skin
  • Evens skin tone with the help of cosmetics

In the world there are plenty of sayings about the fact that there are no ugly women. Which just do not resort to persuasion beauticians to assure women their appeal! But no matter what they say, and smooth facial skin - is 80% of the success of any girl. Judge for yourself: you can hide defects of shape under clothes, enough thick hair - hairstyles and hairpieces. But uneven skin does not hide. Unless kilograms foundation. But we do not want to look like a clown, right? So let's learn to make the skin smooth.

Several Commandments beautiful skin

Perhaps the surest way to become the owner of smooth skin - is to conduct a correct way of life. A nice bonus to this rule would be slim figure. No more coffee or strong tea. Do you want to drink? Drink juice, pure water or herbal decoction. Roasted, smoked and favorite chocolate candies have deleted. But what it would be useful to meet, so it is a steamer. As you can see, nothing complicated. Add to all the above positive emotions, a daily 8-hour sleep, and guaranteed to make your skin clean and smooth as a baby.

Regular cleansing of the skin in the home is also important. Of course, modern women is difficult to adhere to the norms of a healthy lifestyle. They have a busy work schedule, daily care of the family and a huge amount of coffee drunk per day. How then to conduct a correct way of life, if you go to sleep after midnight, and the villain Service bursting ear every day at 6 am?

In such a situation will help a regular facial. Now, many women begin to protest and say that is simply not able to allocate an hour a week for a trip to the beauty salon. But no need to go anywhere! Make a smooth face and can be at home. The main thing - is to choose the right tools and do not be lazy to use them. So, you will need:

  1. Shower gel

    The main assistant of our skin, because it is a gel (or milk, if you recommend a cosmetologist) clears the face of the accumulated dirt of the day. And this is not just another way to cosmetics manufacturers to capitalize on the naive women. It is a necessity. You do not think the purchase of soap a waste of money? So why are you so out of favor gel? Especially that he most effectively removes makeup from your face.

  2. By the way, about the make-up remover

    Many people are too flippantly refer to this process, believing that mascara is quite a usual washed off with soap. Of course wash off cosmetics and soap you can. Only the condition then will your skin? Tightness, overdried and just screaming, "I moisturize! ". Moreover, after several weeks of such torture your face will resemble a forgotten shelf in the refrigerator apple - yellowed and wrinkled. Therefore, once again washing makeup, do not habit to reach for the soap. Replace it with a gel cleanser suitable for your skin type, or special milk.

  3. Tonic

    Another wonder of the cosmetics industry, which will help to align the structure of the skin. Wipe the face tonic after every wash, and it is carefully restore the acid-alkaline balance of the skin. In other words, not only fragrant Vodicka refresh your skin and remove the remnants of the gel cleanser, which is known to contain a lathering agent. And why do we need the foam on your face? It seems that there is no need. By the way, when you buy a tonic, do not forget to look at the composition of funds. Because dry skin will suit one type of tonic for oily - other. If you face is covered with acne, choose an alcohol-based tonic. It will dry the rash and return your skin healthy.

  4. Next on our list are night and day face creams

    Here the main thing - do not mix. Some girls smear Day Cream at night and in the morning to grab the shelves means that were supposed to enjoy the evening. Doing this is not necessary, because the creams are different and each means performs a strictly defined function. And do not forget that any cream should be suitable for your skin type, and "prescribe" it shall not weary saleswoman in a kiosk near the metro, and a professional cosmetologist. By the way, about the kiosks. Purchase skin cream in precarious locations lead to at least questionable results. Therefore, it is better if you buy them at the pharmacy because there certainly check product certificates. But ask a pharmacist, a cream to buy, better still not worth it. Leave it to the right beautician.

  5. Scrub

    But this is a real panacea for the problem of uneven skin. However, you can use it no more than once a day, and even then very gently. Scrub removes dead skin particles, aligning its structure. That is why, after skin cleansing scrub it becomes soft and silky, and the woman feels incredibly relieved. However, do not forget to moisturize after using the skin, or a recent turn ease dryness and irritation.

  6. Face masks

    The skin, as well as its very owner, you need to indulge, and that some creams are not enough. It is desirable that each girl took it a habit every week to put on the face mask all kinds, not only purchased but also homemade, good that there are so many recipes. If you do not have time to look, tell me one option mask, which will help quickly and guaranteed to make your skin smooth and even: whisk 1 egg white; add to lemon juice; Apply the mixture on your face thin sloem.Kak only mask dries, rinse it with warm water.

  7. Let's say you regularly perform all of the above manipulation, and skin condition leaves much to be desired?

    Then it's time to make an appointment to the beautician. The procedure advise you to choose the hardware cleaning person or pilling. And even better - ask the Council of the beautician. Just be prepared to have to visit the salon several times a year before the big holiday, and regularly. After this problem is the uneven skin will disappear by itself. But all this will be only under the condition that the beautician will be literate, and all his actions - thought out. No need to "keep out" the bait "reasonable" to save and choose the cheapest specialist. Some go even further in an attempt to save personal resources, and begin to call home cosmetologist. And it is fundamentally wrong, as in the clinic will provide you with the most modern equipment and warranty work performed. So do not skimp and go to the beauty salon.

 smooth facial skin

Evens skin tone with the help of cosmetics

There are times when there is no time to sleep, a cosmetologist Abraham and need to look good right now. What to do? Get makeup. Well-chosen means of a duet with skillful hands can not only make the face smooth and gentle, but also visually to throw a couple of years. So, let's begin.

  • First, wipe your face with ice black tea (you can replace it with any herbal broth to taste). This will give the person a nice tan and hide minor blemishes and pimples. Then simply let the skin dry.
  • Then lubricate the face moisturizer. Firstly, so you will level the possibility of divorce, left by the tea ice cubes. Second, prepare the skin moisturizer for further procedures. If you feel that you have caused too much money, remove the excess with a paper towel.
  • Then grab a jar of foundation. Make sure that the tone matches the shade of your skin. To do this, rub a little tonalnika on the outside of the palm. If a sharp transition tones not visible, so the cream is chosen correctly. Proceed directly to the make-up: gently apply a thin layer of the skin tone means, moving from the middle to the edges. Do not forget to treat the neck, so she did not look lighter or darker than the main tone of the face.
  • Small pimples, wrinkles and other skin imperfections seal the corrector (take on cosmetic tone lighter than your tone).
  • Now the whole picture (I mean your face) must be powdered. Use a sponge to do and not much zealous, but instead the effect of lightness get a plaster mask instead of a face.

At the end all the required items. I want you to make up the shade? Please. You would think that in the overall picture is not enough lipstick? Paint. Just remember that the more you cosmetics, the older you look. So do not get carried away. After all, natural beauty - is not only a gift of nature, but also the painstaking daily work of the women.

 A few tips to make the skin smooth

 How to whiten your teeth at home


  • This teeth whitening is not threatened
  • Home teeth whitening

Smiling makes the man. But what if your teeth are far from perfect? If dark plaque on the enamel turns every anecdote in torture, and every new acquaintance - in the trial? Firstly, we advise you to calm down. No one at the meeting does not look into your mouth (you did thoroughbred horse, right?). Second, a professional dentist is able to solve any problem with their teeth. Now, many recoiled in horror from the monitors. Yes, we understand you. Fear of the dentist is laid a good half of humanity in his childhood, and over the years, only grows stronger. That alone is worth the hour wait for their turn under the screams of frightened customers in the company with nothing comparable to the aroma! I think we have really scared? Then it's time to tell you how to whiten teeth at home.

Of course, if your dark patina - the result of an illness, we recommend nevertheless to see a doctor. Those who drink a lot of strong tea or coffee, and whose bad habit displayed on the teeth, it is possible to try to do without dentists.

This teeth whitening is not threatened

Let's say you consider yourself a healthy person and want to quickly whiten teeth to resemble Hollywood beauties. Wait, wait! Remember what happened to the character saying that too much in a hurry. You do not want to be ridiculed, right? And the less you want to get into the dentist chair with a failed attempt to cleanse the enamel. And none of this would happen if, before whiten your teeth in the home, you look at a couple of caveats. So whitening is prohibited to do so, one has:

  • caries;
  • inflammation of the gums;
  • tooth sensitivity.

I saw myself in this list? Then march to the dentist, or over time, not just come to him at a convenient time for you, but also will become obbivat thresholds duty hospital with acute pain late at night (the one who suffered the teeth, knows that this problem loves to escalate it with the onset of darkness, when the vast majority of dentists is fast asleep).

 both in the home to whiten your teeth

Home teeth whitening

Thus, we begin a brief educational program on the topic of home teeth whitening. The funds for the return of white enamel come up with a lot, so we will not only talk about the methods used, but also to warn about the shortcomings of this initiative in all its manifestations.

  1. Toothpaste

    It is the most simple, affordable and unreliable method of teeth whitening. Agree that if the manufacturers of toothpaste played at least half of the promises made during television commercials, this article would not have been, just as there would be no problems of yellowing teeth and clamped his lips smile. However, if you decide to try to whiten your teeth is the toothpaste, we recommend, firstly, not to save her, and secondly, do not use for longer than one month. After 30 days the paste begins to destroy the enamel. But we doubt that this turn of events included in your plans.

  2. Baking soda

    This method is still used by our grandmothers, and certainly our grandchildren will be used as whitening soda - is not only fast, but also the most effective at home. How it works? Elementary. Moisten the toothbrush with water, apply a layer of baking soda and gently go over all the teeth, trying not to hurt the gums. Particularly susceptible to the taste of soda can advise on the brush to first apply a layer of toothpaste. So you soften slightly tart taste of household bleach teeth. However, to get involved in soda do not recommend, since it has a habit of destroying the enamel with repeated use. Dentists are allowed a maximum of 1 soda cleaning once a week.

  3. Coal

    As it turned out, the activated carbon is not only perfectly treats poisoning, but no less effectively whitens teeth. For this tablet can be chewed and hold it in the mouth for 10 minutes, and it is possible to clean the crushed coal and the resulting mixture using conventional teeth brushes. In any event, repeat the procedure can be no more than 2 times a week, otherwise your teeth will not only snowy, but also extremely sensitive to hot and cold food.

  4. Hydrogen peroxide

    Just be warned that this method is very dangerous to the teeth. Too frequent use of peroxide or inept handling of the drug can lead to irreparable destruction of teeth. That is worth a little too far, and the dentist will not help you. However, the most risky beauty peroxide to whiten teeth and even receive a reward white smile. How do they do it? In the first case, the girl is diluted in half a glass of water 20 drops of peroxide and rinse your mouth with this mixture. (You must then carefully rinse your mouth again, but the water clean, or else .... We have already mentioned that it would be in the case of illiterate treatment with peroxide.) The second method is simpler. There peroxide is applied to a cotton pad and rub obtained swab teeth. After the procedure, brush your teeth again, but this time the conventional toothbrush without toothpaste.

  5. Strawberry

    Perhaps this is the most delicious tooth whitener. And doctors do not see absolutely no harm to the health of the procedure. Solid vitamins and pleasure. You can either just have a strawberry and rub it in his teeth, achieving uniform bleaching. Of course, quickly achieve white, eating berries, you can not but combine business with pleasure - completely.

We would like to reassure those whose teeth after home whitening did not acquire the desired hue. Do not worry. In the end, not white teeth happiness. Not even in their number. The main thing - is to feel happy and loved and white smile will follow. Especially that dentists still has not been canceled. In a pinch, you can forget all your fears and sign up for a professional whitening, right?

 Down with the dentists, or whiten your teeth at home

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