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  • Beauty requires sacrifice!
  • Ingrown hairs: the cause of the
  • How to prevent ingrown hairs
  • If the ingrown hair is still there

The struggle for beauty is relentless. In this battle is no place for laziness, painful feelings and fears. After all, singing to your reflection in the mirror, what do you - perfect, you need to make at least a dozen cosmetic procedures, the mention of which men run cold blood. Still would! After all, none of the guys in the head does not come first to suffer from pain during waxing, and then just as selflessly remove ingrown hairs from those parts of the body that until recently were languishing in captivity hot wax.

Beauty requires sacrifice!

Probably, many men are watching the selfless struggle for the attractiveness of its halves, secretly feel immense pride. Still would! After all, for him, the one she was trying so hard. Certainly not! Science has proven that if men are polygamous in intimate relationships, women gladly accept admiring glances all around absolutely Cavaliers. This here is the balance of nature.

Girls like a pretty vampires feed on the compliments and charged them with positive energy. They inadequate glance askance husband, and a short phrase, "Well, nothing so fine." Women are vital to the adoration and eloquent looks from the outside, otherwise they will wither the beauty and character will be truly unbearable. So cute man, so if you skimp on compliments, be generous even pocket money that the woman will be able to spend on salons and boutiques. All the more so in life can be such a problem, the solution of which is urgent, and not always feasible in the home. For example, hair removal or deep ingrown hair.

And the last problem is more important as an ingrown hair in the skin not only looks terrible appearance (redness, pustules), but also brings the pain of its owner. Just zadenesh problematic place, just a sharp pain pierces the body, and did not want any smooth legs, no hair removal. But let us not indulge in such extremes, but just look at how this hair to get rid of and prevent a recurrence of the unfortunate inconvenience.

 burrowing hair

Ingrown hairs: the cause of the

Women tend ingrown hairs appear in the skin after epilation. A week or two skin really smooth and silky as shouting about advertising waxes and creams for hair removal. Exactly as long as no new hairs start to grow. Like, what's so bad, huh? The normal natural process. But in this case, the new - a recently shaved off the old. When removing the tip of the hair it becomes sharp and can easily pierce the skin, especially if the hairs growing not directly, but by chance, decides to deviate from the intended path.

Another reason why the skin appears flawless on the deeply ingrown hair - is the skin itself, or rather its state. Hardened by multiple epilations surface can simply not miss the new hair, and he, without thinking twice, grows in the opposite direction, it grows into the skin and causes a lot of discomfort thus its owner. That is why beauticians are advised to thoroughly moisturize the skin after hair removal to ingrown hairs on the feet do not become the cause of your "headache". By the way, on the measures of protection from ingrown hairs is to talk in more detail.

How to prevent ingrown hairs

Perhaps the most important point of this paper, as if to draw the correct preventive measures, and the ingrown hair does not appear, and there will be no problems.

  1. Before you get rid of excess vegetation on the body, take a hot shower. No, we do not want to accuse you of impropriety, just hot water will soften the skin and prepare it for further hair removal.
  2. Be sure to remove the body from the remains of sebum with a normal soap or shower gel.
  3. Do not rush to get out of the bath, preparations for hair removal is not completed. Apply scrub to areas that want to get rid of the vegetation. Gently massage and rinse with warm water. However, do not overdo it with the peeling tool, since the misuse of the body may occur irritation.
  4. Now, before you carry out immediate hair removal, read a list of several "no" to prohibit the process: you can not do hair removal, if the skin has spots, scratches and irritation; it is not necessary to remove the hair on the body just before you leave home, and even more so to put on just shaved legs pantyhose; if you spend a razor hair removal, do not use the old machines.

    Moreover, as the entire process is desirable not to use a razor to the legs were smooth and ingrown hairs are not tortured you with its appearance.

  5. We hope that you will not find yourself in the previous list, and hair removal will take place. According to statistics, 70% of women remove hair simple proven way to grandma - razor. If you enter a number, then, firstly, do not skimp on the machine (modern women's razor with triple blade and a moisturizing strip - it is not an attempt to shake out of your money for a conventional machine, and a good solution for the manufacturer to make shaving more pleasant and efficient) . Secondly, you need to shave in the direction of growth, not against it.

    The third item "mandatory program" will be applying to the skin of special agent, slowing the growth of hair. This way you kill two birds: the skin and moisturize, and help smooth legs to be much longer.

  6. However, no matter how simple did not seem razor hair removal, it must be admitted that the method of removing vegetation native of the last century. But we are with you people of the new era, right? So leave your machine husband (he needs) and sign up for hair removal in the salon. Firstly, there will remove your hair much more carefully. And secondly, after the modern techniques (laser and hair removal) ingrown hairs do not appear.

 burrowing hair

If the ingrown hair is still there

Let's say you read this article after being held hair removal, ingrown hair and deeply (and perhaps more than one) has tormented you with their presence. Question one: what to do? The main thing - to calm down and not to be panic. Ingrown hairs into the skin still nobody brought to the grave, so let's easy to find a solution to your problem.

  1. To start immediately discard epilation. Remove vegetation before you get rid of ingrown hair, the skin, is strictly forbidden.
  2. Then moisten with hot water gauze and place it on the affected area of ​​the skin. This will prepare you for further unruly hair removal as hot water (as we already know) softens the skin and makes the hair more vulnerable and compliant (which is why it is recommended to take a shower before epilation).
  3. Disinfect the tweezers arms and ingrown hair. Gently pry the edge of the hair with tweezers and pull it out. If he does not give in, put a hot compress again, probably not yet warmed skin.
  4. Once remove an ingrown hair in the skin, do not rush to celebrate pull tights or (even worse) to shave their legs again. Firstly, the affected area should be disinfected again. Secondly, no epilation is not necessary to conduct until the wound heals completely. Third, try to once again not to touch the affected area, in order not to provoke further irritation.

Those who successfully coped with the problem of ingrown hairs, only wish to change the type of hair removal (especially because so advise beauticians) continue to be more attentive to all the procedures performed. Beautiful, smooth legs and your good mood!

 Oh, those hairs, ingrown into the skin ...

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 pedicure at home


  • Advantages pedicure
  • Pros hardware pedicure
  • Conduct yourself hardware pedicure
  • Contraindications pedicure
  • Tips on caring for your feet

Some women take care of your feet is not as often as they should. Yes, in the summer we try to look perfect feet, because they are in sight. But with the onset of cold weather, when it is time to change the sandals closed shoes, pedicure fades into the background. Shoes hides all the flaws, why spend precious time (and money) for this procedure?

Such an approach is not the right. Caring for your feet and nails should be regularly as it affects not only their appearance, but also health. Pedicure procedure has several advantages, studying which you will understand how important it is.

Advantages pedicure

  • Pedicure helps get rid of sweating, corns and small cracks on the heels;
  • With varicose veins, he is simply irreplaceable, as the return legs of the beauty and walk - ease;
  • In beauty salons in the completion of the procedures carried out a special foot massage that works on the active points of the body, improves the immune system and improves the well-being;
  • And of course, that can compare with the ease and euphoria that you feel after the procedure ?!

Today, several varieties of beauticians offer pedicure, and one of them - is a hardware procedure performed using special equipment. Hardware pedicure relieves chronic corns, ingrown nails and cracks. During the procedure, the equipment is used with a variety of nozzles which gently removes dead skin, as if grind it, making soft and pleasant to the touch.

 pedicure at home alone

Pros hardware pedicure

  • Rejection of the water reduces to a minimum the risk of infection by fungal diseases;
  • Especially careful treatment of the skin;
  • Safe and painless removal of callouses;
  • Doing pedicure, you will never teach the codes infection;
  • When you remove dead skin cells, you also get a point foot massage that improves circulation.

As you can see, plus the procedure is enough, and of the downsides can be identified only the duration of its implementation.

Conduct yourself hardware pedicure

Of course, a visit to the salon is not available to every woman, and the reasons for this may be different. Someone's just not enough time, and someone can not afford a regular pedicure because of financial problems. There can be only one way out - to carry out the procedure at home. Yes, you still need to invest in the necessary equipment, but the waste will soon pay for itself completely. Because now you can do pedicure at your convenience, without depending on the Salon, the weather on the street and other unforeseen situations.

So, to enjoy the procedure of acquiring the house a special device, which is sold in specialty stores. Ask the Seller equipment is for home use. It is less powerful than intended for salons and more convenient for them to work those who are just beginning to learn the intricacies of the procedure.

The first step pedicure - skin softening

Hardware pedicure does not imply steaming feet in hot water. To soften the skin using special compounds that you can buy in stores that sell beauty products for salons.

These products contain substances that act only on the dead skin cells. They soften the cuticle, facilitate the removal of ingrown nails and corns, as well as anti-inflammatory and disinfectant action. Apply the product soft, massage. Then you can proceed directly to the procedure of pedicure at home.

The second phase - treatment feet and nails

Before you start processing, carefully read the instructions for using the machine. It is described in detail which nozzles are used for what purposes. Large attachments are handled calluses and corns, little used to work with the cuticle and skin around the nail. With their help you to handle even the most remote places in between fingers and under them. Also in the set has a nozzle for removing ingrown nail polish and nail plate.

And the third stage of a pedicure at home should be a foot massage. To start apply a little bit of fat nourishing cream and massage your feet, performing tapping, kneading and pinching motion.

Of course, pedicure equipment in the salon held more powerful equipment, but you it is useless. To learn how to start using the device with low turnover, or holding a pedicure at home can lead to injury of the skin and nails.

In addition to foot care, pedicure, conducted regularly, can prevent the manifestation of fungal disease and even cure, if it is at an early stage. And if you follow the legs and do a pedicure at least once a week, you will forget about blisters, ingrown toenails and corns.

By the way, eventually you will less and less need to resort to the procedure. As regular hardware pedicure slows the growth of the cuticle and the appearance of dead skin particles.

 right pedicure at home

Contraindications pedicure

  • The procedure is not carried out for pregnant women (whether a pedicure in the salon or at home) as to soften the skin using a chemical additive;
  • Diseases of the liver and kidneys, too, are the reason for the failure of hardware pedicure, all because of the same chemicals;
  • If you often have allergic reactions to the procedure, consult your doctor.

Tips on caring for your feet

  • The first and most important piece of advice - never forget that feet need daily care;
  • Wash your feet every night is necessary, using a brush, pumice, carefully washing out the space between the fingers;
  • Pick a good foot cream, and overnight lubricate their feet. This will prevent dryness and cracking;
  • Tired feet will remove the bath with extract of pine needles, rosemary oil and honey.

We hope that the above tips will help you to always keep the legs in order to make them beautiful and healthy, to make heads turn men and women envious light, flying gait!

 Hardware pedicure at home - beautiful legs in winter and summer

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