It should look like the perfect girl


  • How to be the best and stand out from the crowd
  • Who and why it is profitable to be a non-ideal
  • This urgent need is something in itself to change
  • Why should you take care of yourself and your health

Beauty - loose concept, therefore, the question should look like the perfect woman, everyone is responsible to the extent of their memories. For some, the most important parameter is the appearance - pretty face, chiseled features, graceful waist, regular shapes. Someone important to the fair sex were able to dress well, and wore only branded and expensive things. The presence of dogs Chihuahua or Yorkshire terrier under his arm, a constant smile and tons of makeup on her face - is necessary.

But there is a category of people who do not judge a book by its cover, but only after reading. That's why you can find strange and seemingly discordant couples: he - Alain Delon, it is - an ordinary simpleton, is not able to even properly painted. Her purse is just lipstick and mascara unknown origin. Still a young man madly in love with her, and she feels like a queen.

How to be the best and stand out from the crowd

To begin to understand that to be perfect does not mean to be the best in everything, and like the first comer. Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita" is unlikely to taste immature student or person who is nothing but the tabloids, not interested. But the mature man is a book on the shelf is required to take the most prominent place.

Do you think that you are far from ideal? Do not you like your figure or you want to have a long and beautiful legs? According to psychologists, women who would have been a hundred percent satisfied with their appearance and do not want to change anything in yourself, no. But some put up with the shortcomings and turn them into advantages, while others acquire systems and suffer from this life.

In fact, to become an ideal to aspire to a man is very difficult, but, as they say, nothing is impossible. Fitness clubs, beauty salons, hairdressers, shops with high quality and beautiful clothes, cosmetics - all this will help transform even the ugly girl. But, unfortunately, many of Cinderella, dressed in beautiful clothes and make a stunning makeover, do not feel a princess. Because they do not love yourself, and never tried to outdo the others.

Being better - is to always look perfectly well

What is the ideal girl today? So it is self-confident person who is not paying attention to the non-constructive criticism. It creates its own canons of beauty, and should not be pre-installed. These ladies know how to think, to dream, create, create. They immediately noticed in a crowd of gray confident look, correct posture and complacent mind, even if she went for a walk in the usual cheap sneakers and jeans.

And not have to wear super expensive and fashionable things, this girl knows how to choose clothes with all the advantages and disadvantages of the figure, age and time. Moreover, even the most elegant and beautiful dress to properly beat. Remember how you usually go to work: slouching, looking at his feet, ignoring the others, sadly thinking about something else. The ideal woman would not allow himself to look like, even if it is alone at home.

Do not forget about hygiene and cosmetics. Shower gels, foams, tonics, lotions, lipstick, ink - ideal girl is able to enjoy all this and ensures that the body was never visible vegetation. By doing this you will never notice such a beauty with a ton of makeup - it places cosmetics so as to look as natural as possible.

Being better - is to be a great conversationalist

Russian language alone, and many dialects. Think about how often you put it in a strong buzzwords? Learn to speak correctly, beautiful, without words-parasites. A girl who is not swearing, always looks delicate, beautiful and intelligent. And put in place cad she can not even rude to the other party.

 It looks like the perfect girl

Being better - is to have its own flavor

Look at yourself in the mirror and think about what makes you different from the rest. Big eyes can emphasize dark pencil too thick hair can be collected in a magnificent tail, small mouth - to increase with the help of lipstick. Any deficiency should be converted into their chip.

Be the best - it does not stop there

To achieve ideal, you need to make an effort. Walk continually in the gym, play sports, go to beauty salons, take care of yourself. Look with envy at hudyshek and dream about the parameters of the ninety-sixty-ninety? It's time to act! Make an appointment with a dietitian to develop for you the right diet.

Be the best - it's time to do a manicure

A few years ago it was fashionable to build long nails, which is not something that work, but going on a date is not always convenient. But as they say, the taste and color of friends there, so what some consider a hit of the season, for other looks ridiculous and absurd. By the way, almost all men do not really admire long claws, as a woman they associate with predator.

Beautiful and elegant look neat French manicure or even a well-groomed nails. In everyday life is better to choose soft, not too flashy and aggressive colors. This varnish must be expensive and quality that it does not fall on the second or third day after application.

And in the winter and in the summer do not forget about the legs. Since compressed in tight shoes foot hardly breathe on his heel and toes sometimes bubbles appear, corns, scrapes and nails exfoliate and peel. Therefore, once a week to do a bath of broth in which to soar feet for half an hour, and at least twice a month to adjust pedicure. In our time, this is the same mandatory hygienic procedure, as, for example, brushing teeth, washing, bathing and shampooing.

Being better - is to monitor the condition of hair

Luxury long hair look sexy and charming, and they may be the main advantage, even unremarkable girl. To do this, you must continually make nourishing and moisturizing masks, walk at least once a month to the barber, trim the ends and as little as possible to injure hair. Beauty, who decided to disguise, you must carefully weigh all, because in the future they will have to constantly touch up the roots, even if they used the tint balm or shampoo.

The girls, who can not buy expensive cosmetics, can prepare the mixture and cook in the home. Chamomile, nettle, yarrow, burdock root and dandelion, burdock oil is sold in every pharmacy, and their cost will be affordable for almost everyone.

Be the best - it does not run the skin

The pores, pimples, blackheads, blemishes, shine - all this does not decorate, but rather disfigures any, even the most handsome face. And if in fifteen years, the girl's face looks awful, it speaks about her inexperience and youth. If the girl does not thirty watching them, so it is not very smart.

In the twenty-first century there is a number of different funds (and not very expensive) that only the real lazy can not find for themselves something suitable. And if earlier, for example, creams are considered universal, now sold for oily, normal, combination, dry or sensitive skin.

Particular attention should be paid to the arms, neck and upper chest, as this is where most rapidly aging skin. Did you know that even if a girl looks at the thirty and hides his true age, then determine how much it in this year marks the years, you can just look at her hand.

Being better - is constantly taking care of your health

Any product, whether it is tonal foundation or cream for the body should be protected from ultraviolet radiation. Direct sunlight can cause premature aging, burns, microtraumas and even cancer. But without the sun it can not be, because it was during the Sun in the human body to produce vitamin D.

But tanning beds still should be avoided, since they are not as safe as you say in beauty salons. If you want to go in the winter is not a pale pink and chocolate brown skin, apply self-tanning. It usually manifests in the second hour after use, also completely harmless.

 It looks like the perfect girl looks

Being better - is to have a healthy white smile

Despite the fact that the manufacturers of toothpaste excitedly shouting that their products are the best, quality, and save you from all troubles (tartar, yellow spots, tooth decay, gum sensitivity), and sometimes the result is far from the promised. If you want to become the owner of the Hollywood smile, but do not know how to do this, make an appointment with the dentist.

The physician must first examine the mouth to assess the condition of the teeth. On the eve of bleaching it is obliged to carry out cleaning to remove plaque and calculus. This procedure is completely painless, it is performed at the beginning of using the ultrasonic device, and then the teeth are processed by special means. Of course, then your smile will not immediately snowy, but first result will make you happy.

The day after the cleaning can be sent to the bleaching. Now compare the dentist on a special scale of your natural shade to the fact that you can get after treatment. So, there are three main categories of color of the teeth, and they in turn are divided into brightness and hue into several subgroups.

That during the procedure, you do not feel the pain, the dentist will make you a few preliminary shots, and gums cause protector, not to burn them. Only after this process the teeth with a solution that will bleach the enamel without damaging it. For everything it will take about a half hour, but then you can always and in every situation smile broadly.

Being better - is to lead a healthy lifestyle

The ideal woman will never eat junk, junk and fatty foods, which lays on the sides and belly fat. But it does not impose its views on others and communicate well with the people who consume tons of calories. And only close friend she gently hint that it was time to go on a diet.

Smoking, alcohol - it's not for her, because she knows that tobacco and alcohol is bad for the skin. The most that she can afford to drink - a cup of coffee in a circle of friends or a glass of wine. That is why the forty-perfect girl looks twenty, maximum - twenty-five.

Be the best - it's nice to smell even at home

How often can be found in restaurants and clubs of girls, after which the trail is fragrances. And it seems that it's not subtle notes of "Chanel №5», and throw out plenty of "Red Moscow". To avoid this error, you need to learn how to apply perfume correctly.

The first option is the easiest. So, drizzle the air over a toilet water to cloud drops you surrounded. Settled on the clothes, body and hair particles will produce a pleasant smell. More persistent perfume should be applied to the neck, décolleté, bends the elbows and knees, wrists and ankles.

If you do not have money for expensive products, it uses aromatic oils. So, mix several types together, you can create your own special flavor. It is necessary to follow very closely to ensure that your perfume, lotions, deodorants in harmony with each other by smell.

Who and why it is profitable to be a non-ideal

You feel stupid girl desire to look ugly, slowness, shy and uninteresting? In fact, the fair sex are simply afraid to take responsibility. It is easier to sigh and envy successful girlfriends, blame others for their failures and appearance than their indecision and fear.

That is why thousands of women embark on the burdens, educate and raise their children in parallel worrying about her husband-loser and earning family. And how, little oligarchs, and now with her looks and figure is not very lucky. Why buy expensive cosmetics, if there is no time to go to the cafe? Why go to the gym if one does not appreciate these efforts.

It should be understood that the ideal woman, first of all it is doing everything for themselves, not for others. It's just nice to catch myself views of men and to be imitated for the friends and acquaintances of women. She will not wear a robe at home, even if it lives only mother. And to be the best - difficult as it is a big responsibility.

Thus, unsuccessful, ugly and imperfect woman just simply lazy and irresponsible. After all, if a girl looks one hundred percent, but it still does not raise the ladder, because they do not have enough knowledge and skills in this field, there will be more to blame nobody.

Another reason why the fair sex do not want to deal with them - it is not the fear of being like everyone else. Located in the center of attention - a burden that few can bear. It is necessary to constantly improve to meet the ideal.

 should look like through the eyes of men the perfect woman

This urgent need is something in itself to change

  • If the last time you buy cosmetics for more than a year ago. As would be difficult in financial terms will not be, expired products should not use. Every girl in the beautician should be the next set: dark and light shadows, mascara, lipstick, day and night cream, body cream, face, arms, tonal basis.
  • If you give way to the bus. Any girl should look at least ten years younger than his age. Therefore, if the lady only fifty, and her colleagues are not surprised when she tells it, she should immediately go to a beauty salon. Peeling, mask, face cleansing - all this will help to throw a couple of years and find a second youth.
  • If you do not remember the last time you visited a hairdresser. No time to do daily styling? Then ask the Wizard to make such a cut that you in the morning was enough to comb your hair and do not have to tinker with the ironing, curling irons and other appliances.
  • If you do not intermeddle in their favorite jeans. It's one thing if you have recovered five to ten kilograms, and it does not look critical, another - when your boyfriend or husband constantly throws you a magazine with recipes slimming. By the way, every woman in the cabinet there is a thing called indicator.
  • If your dream - to sleep. Take some time off, send the kids to Grandma or hire a babysitter, unplug the phone, and the whole day doing nothing. Permission is granted only to sleep, eat and watch the melodrama. Let the mess in the house and unwashed dishes does not bother you.
  • When entering the room people are starting to ventilate the room. Cheap spirits sold in the markets and in the transitions, a priori can not smell good. It is better to dig a little money to buy good products. After the fragrance - a business card of the modern ideal of women.

Why should you take care of yourself and your health

In fact, women age faster than men, and this is despite the fact that the fair sex live much longer. It is not just that it is the inherent nature. Many women charge themselves an impossible burden for a weak body's being pulled throughout his life.

However, it is worth considering whether the faithful appreciate all your work and whether he will stay with you, if you look much older than their years? And how would you feel, looking at his reflection in the mirror wrinkled. But not necessarily to buy expensive cosmetics, because many masks, balms, tonics can be made from what is in the refrigerator.

A day - twenty-four hours, not a second more or a second less. And select ten or fifteen minutes trying to work out himself, shake the press, make light exercises can each girl. And if gradually introduced into their lives are "pyatnadtsatiminutki", will soon find that you - the ideal and the standard of this natural beauty.

 How should look like the ideal woman: myth and reality