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  • Who should make the puncture in the navel
  • What you should know before going to the salon
  • Problems with ornament
  • How is this procedure in the cabin?

Pierce the navel to insert an earring back - simple matter. Problems arise later - after two or three days, and can last forever. What troubles may await fashionistas? In some cases, the wounds begin to fester, scars, there is a blood infection. And whether or not such a beauty of such victims, is difficult to say. But before going to the salon it is still worth considering the possible consequences.

Who should make the puncture in the navel

I doubt whether it is necessary to insert an earring? Think about what it is you? Maybe it - minute rush. Then it is necessary to postpone the campaign, since you are not yet ready to make such a serious step. In the same case, if you've always wanted pierced navel and managed during this time to explore virtually all the information about this procedure, then welcome to the salon.

  • Pros piercing

Firstly, it is fashionable. Elegant and beautiful earring ring as tassels stomach looks stylish, fun and sexy. But when a girl has the press, or at least not hanging belly. Otherwise earring draws attention to the fatty deposits that must be hidden and not put on public display.

Secondly, the piercing - one of the most interesting ways of expression. It is very difficult to stand out among the same fashion, beautiful and stylish girlfriends. Repainted in blonde or bright makeup can make all the girls, but pierce the belly - it dare not every beauty.

  • Cons piercing

You will have to give up many pleasures until the wound will be tightened. But this is not the biggest problem that you may encounter. Huge and fat minus, which negates all the advantages - high risk of catching any disease or infection. Minimum - the wound will fester, maximum - infection, AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases transmitted through blood. People who have health problems, are not allowed to do this kind of manipulation of the body, but in our time, not all are aware that they are unwell.

Piercing is not allowed to make a special, has not attained the age of eighteen. Exception - the written permission of a parent, with one of the adults (close relatives) must be present during the procedure. Otherwise, at the institution can later sue.

 beautiful navel piercing consequences

What you should know before going to the salon

It should be understood that a navel piercing - this is no ordinary cosmetic procedure that can be made into the first institution, and a very complex and dangerous surgery, requiring professional knowledge and skills. You can not trust your health to people with no education and do not have a license to provide such services.

In the salon, where do piercings should be sterile clean. No dust, dirt should not be at all. The master shall do everything procedures disposable gloves that are worn on the hand with you. Tools used for the surface of the work (the machine handles, clamps, etc.) must be disinfected, but the needle - new. Do not try to save money on their health, as the extra four hundred rubles when infecting just do not save.

Before deciding on a puncture, you should consult with your doctor, hand over all analyzes for viruses and hidden diseases. Who knows how to behave in this case your body. In order to eliminate the occurrence of allergic reaction, try to be like metal earrings in his ears. If you get irritation, skin begins to itch, and the hole is covered with a thin yellowish crust, do a navel piercing is not necessary.

At the time of the procedure will have to give, if you have recently been ill, you currently fever, chills, or feel a slight discomfort. If women are menstruating, she is in position or is still breastfeeding, the master may refuse to make a puncture.

It is best solved on such procedures is during the holidays. First week after such an operation is completely contraindicated in any physical activity, the other half you have to limit yourself to the sport. On the bathhouse, swimming pool, sauna, a visit to the gym, solarium and pastime in the trip to the sea will have to forget before operations.

Go to the salon is in the fall, winter or early spring, when the stomach is completely hidden. Otherwise, if the wound gets dust and sweat, it will begin to fester and will not heal for a long time. But there are nuances - clothes can catch or snatch an earring. The important role played by the fabric - synthetic and barbed matter anyway cause irritation.

At least five or six times a day you have to handle an earring and a wound antiseptic (chlorhexidine) and the healing ointment. These means should not be an alcohol. It can cause oxidation of the metal, burn wounds and inflammation. If the first day after the puncture your temperature rises, go to the doctor because these symptoms indicate an inflammation of the navel! If you procrastinate, the consequences can be serious - until re-surgery.

Piercing began to fester, and out of the hole is constantly flowing dark liquid, or it was covered with a yellow crust? Urgent remove the earring and disinfect the wound. Decoration better not to insert back. Wait two or three days, and if the damaged area heals, and redness and pain increase, go straight to the doctor.

Problems with ornament

Despite the fact that many masters recommend to use the decorations of special surgical steel, do not buy the bar, tassels and rings made of this material. Otherwise, the wound will be a long drawn out and there will backfire, until suppuration, rejection pigmentation. The best option - titanium products, which in most cases do not cause complications.

Take everything you need to do a navel piercing, it is better in the same institution where you are going to do a puncture. If you do not have to finance high-quality and expensive jewelry, wait a procedure. Podsobrat bit better than to spend money on treatment.

Decoration, as if you did not stop it, it is not necessary to remove about three months, otherwise the skin may be injured. Exception - the occurrence of inflammation, itching, bleeding, pus appearance. Before water procedures should cover the belly to the wound is not exposed to water. You can buy the usual plastic wrap that housewives used for packing and storage products.

If you decide to remake the piercing, you need to wait when punctured the navel is completely healed. The effects of re-injury to the skin can be unpredictable. If the wound is a little overgrown, and you can not thread the earring, do not try to make a hole on their own. It is unacceptable to use a special gun, which some masters use piercing anywhere on the body. In fact, it can only be used to puncture the ear lobe. If you claim that there is no difference, give up the services of a specialist.

 navel piercing effects of skin puncture

How is this procedure in the cabin?

  • Preparatory stage

Initially, the master must wash their hands, clean them with a special solution, then put them in the glove. In a place where it will be made a navel piercing, a marker points are drawn, then the belly rubbed with antiseptic to prevent infection. A sterile needle (goes from the whole and sealed at you) is smeared with Vaseline.

  • Puncture

The site, which will make the holes, clamped forceps. It takes about a minute to step back a little blood. You may feel a slight numbness and a burning sensation. This is done in order to facilitate the insertion of the needle and to reduce the risk of bleeding. After piercing jewelry is inserted into the stomach (Rod, earring, ring), and the affected area is treated with antiseptic and re-applied to the wound healing ointment.

  • The successful completion of the operation

Finally, you've done a good piercing salon and in a good mood went home. Of course, you master explained that in the first five to seven days of your belly does not change, and a week later in the navel forms a thin crust. From time to time the holes will be released in a small amount of transparent and pale white liquid. There is nothing wrong and dangerous. But if the color change, it's time to see a doctor.

Six weeks later crust no longer under it will be healthy skin. Place a puncture will no longer get sick, because it will no longer be allocated liquid. The maximum that can cause discomfort - a slight reddening. The fact that the wound has healed, you can learn on their own. Inspect the navel, and if there is not even a pinkish spots, your suffering ended.

But, despite this good news, it's worth be orderly. Earrings and the puncture site must be constantly cleaned of dirt, dust, grease, not to carry infection. If you prefer to wear massive jewelry, it is better to withdraw before going to the beach or going to work. Caught product, you can greatly damage the stomach. Besides effects after exposure to sunlight on the metal can be sad.

However, not all as bad as it seems at first glance. If you do not try to save on the services of specialists and will do everything exactly as prescribed by the master, a positive result will not take long. Within six months, you will be able to flaunt a beautiful belly adorned with earrings.

 Navel piercing: the effects of skin puncture

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