The long-awaited New Year

New Year soon came shooting bursts of confetti and champagne corks from children. And our dear children turn from Mish, Artemov and Vasilis in Spider-Man, Superman, women-Cats ... Or Asterix. By the way, December 18, begins showing the new cartoon about this beloved hero - "Asterix: The Land of the Gods" (the first time in 3D). Always brings to it his Batman he gets pleasure from an exciting and fun stories, and certainly choose for a holiday costume mustachioed Gaul flying mouse instead of a mask. And we are in front of a Christmas party and loud premiere will tell you what is the favorite superheroes of our children.


This popular superhero was born back in 1939 as an alter ego of billionaire and philanthropist Bruce Wayne. In childhood hero he experienced trauma - saw his parents killed - and decided to dedicate his life to fighting crime. Batman immediately charmed the audience - he is strong, agile, inventive and charming ... - and the next year after the series got its own comic book.

It turned out that the city of Gotham, where the action unfolds the history of Batman, bred criminals of all shades. And over 65 years of Batman wins convincing victories over the Joker, the above two-faced, then over Pigvinom or Scarecrow. Books, movies, TV shows, games and other works of this superhero can be found in any store. But if your child chooses to celebrate this way, be prepared that he will ask for more and the Batmobile or batcycle, which moves Batman. And a bunch of high-tech gadgets, without which the present image of the man-bat is simply impossible.


Wolverine was released in 1974 and became a member of various teams of superheroes - from X-Men to the Avengers. In fact, Wolverine - is a mutant having sverchelovecheskie abilities. He is able to survive after being seriously wounded. His vitality are the envy of even the "Battleship Potemkin."

Stories about Wolverine is usually devoted to the search for his past. Wolverine like not only to children (because he is brave and strong-willed), but also their mothers (as in the movie Wolverine plays a sexy Aussie Hugh Jackman). Your child dressed as Wolverine, of course, will be the "star" of Christmas party. That's only six blades sticking out of his hands (Wolverine has six nail three on each hand), can harm and spoil the mood of another child.


In ordinary life, Spider-Man's name is Peter Parker. It was invented in 1962 in the wake of the popularity of stories about teenagers. Peter Parker - is a real teenager, an orphan who lives in New York. College, Peter combines with social work - the fight against criminals. Peter wears a red-and-blue suit and puts in place those in whose life there is a place for dirty.

The story of Spider-Man readers liked. Especially, as noted by journalists, lonely and socially excluded young people. The image of Spider-Man, they saw a kindred spirit and example to follow. Therefore, the creators of the superhero began to produce more and more stories of Spider-Man. And now he is considered one of the most commercially successful superheroes. He is not only popular with the children, but also has followers. For example, now the whole world knows the name of a French climber Alain Robert, that any skyscraper on the shoulder. Robert wins a pair of skyscrapers in the year and delights the audience.

In 2002, the world's screens out the film "Spider-Man," in which the main role played Toby McGuire. The story became a trilogy (all three films came out), and later restarted. And the world saw the "New Spider-Man," in which to fight crime has become a hero by Andrew Garfield. Spider-Man - a good and very popular choice for a Christmas party. It is perfectly possible to buy your child this superhero costume. If you do not mind that the feast will come for at least another three Spider-Man.


For girls, a good choice for New Year's representation is the image of Catwoman. This was the first superhero zloydeyka and then re. However, do not forget about his difficult childhood. In the comics Catwoman Selina name. She grew up in a poor area of ​​a fictional city of Gotham (the one which acted Batman) and survived the death of a poor mother and alcoholic father. Catwoman at first fought with Batman, and later became his partner in the fight against crime.

Superheroine appeared on movie screens in three films - "Batman" (1966), "Batman Returns" (1992) and "Catwoman" (2004). Men from 6 to 60 especially like the last two film adaptation - the first superhero in the latex has played terrific Michelle Pfeiffer, and the second outlandish Halle Berry. Decide with her daughter, with one of them to take the example for the New Year's image, and buy a black latex mask - and your little Catwoman will not rebound from the supermen.


The French superhero Asterix unlike its overseas counterparts never had a difficult childhood and causing appearance. Asterix appeared 55 years ago and immediately became a nice guy with a mustache and a great rollicking personality. In 1959, the French (about as we are now) have decided that they peak in Hollywood superheroes to appear his own daredevil. Asterix was born. He has no superpowers (that famous American superheroes), but there is savvy, a magic elixir, courage and invincible sense of humor.

During his more than fifty years history of cute gal in the company of their friends (also, incidentally, cute and funny) survived more than 10 successful adaptations, the story of his participation translated into 100 languages. New cartoon "Asterix: The Land of the Gods" (in theaters December 18) - is the next portion of jokes and tricks of the superhero, whose adversary is presumptuous Emperor Caesar. At this time favorite characters was first brought to us in 3D.

Now Caesar decided to seize his home village of Asterix - the last stronghold of the Gauls in the fight against the advancing Romans. Asterix and his friends came back to show courage and ingenuity to prevent being trapped in the Gauls.

If New Year's party for your child wants to dress up Asterix, is to create the image you need luxurious mustache, bright tights, a sword, a little positive and cartoon "Asterix: The Land of the Gods" (to check with the original). And the New Year will be a real holiday!

 Superhero, I know you!

 Skin care

Many girls say that in the cold condition of their skin and hair deteriorates. As the main problems related to the body during this period, often called dryness. Indeed, in the winter, it seems that not enough moisture and skin of the face and skin of the hands and body, and hair. This is because a whole range of negative factors robs our body moisture. Here are some of them:

  • sudden changes in temperature;
  • the dry air of heated rooms;
  • thin air during a hard frost;
  • Snow and strong winds.

The entire complex corrosive effects of the environment leads to dryness, and so during the cold season you need to maximize hydration of the skin of the body, face and hands. For starters, you can try to consume more water to provide internal body hydration. Also, if you spend much time in rooms with radiators, you might think about establishing a humidifier. In addition, the need to adjust their cosmetic habits.

Moisturizing Body

The cold is difficult to resist taking a hot bath. It is well relaxes and helps to warm up after a street. It is important not to forget that some of the funds for the bath dry skin, so you need to make sure that their compositions were caring components.   In addition, after the release of the bathroom is better to put on a body moisturizing cream or lotion to the skin to provide deep hydration of the body during the night.

Moisturizing Face

Pay attention to the moisturizer that you use in the winter. If the number of hydraulic components in it will be too large, at the exit of the cold it can cause vasospasm, and the skin cells do not get enough nutrients. Do not forget that access to the frost with bad soak cream on her face fraught with hypothermia skin and try to make a pause between the application of funds and access to the street - at least 15 minutes.

Moisturizing Hand

Your skin is practically devoid of natural protection mechanisms and wetting, particularly suffering in the cold. It can harden and covered with sores, and cold allergy. From lack of moisture your skin can also start to crack, so do not forget that you should always handy to have an effective moisturizer that can restore softness and eliminate dryness.

A good solution in this situation can become a moisturizing hand cream NIVEA . Thanks to aloe vera extract, he makes up for lack of moisture in the skin of hands, and an additional component of caring jojoba restores the damaged areas, restoring skin softness.

 How to get rid of dry skin in the cold